The Shadow
|   Jun 21, 2017
The Shadow

She looked out of the window. Trying hard to remember that face. Cards were being brought. Messages were being scribbled in hush tones. Gifts were flying out of the store. It was a carnival. A day to be celebrated. Fathers day. 

She pulled the shawl closer to her. She needed something comforting. The cup of tea had gone cold along with her thoughts. Rain drops drew their own patterns on the glass windows. She followed a trickle and realised it on her cheek. She had been crying. But why? There would never be an answer to that question.

Hero. Idol. Inspiration. Mentor. Teacher. The dictionary had plenty of words to offer. but none to describe her emotions. They fell short. She shuddered. She saw a nostalgic pic of her when she was in kindergarten. There were parents around. Maybe some special day at school. She remembered her graduation day, when a face in the crowd cheered for her and clapped the hardest. She remembered the day she got her first pay. It was a huge day. A day to be celebrated. 

She saw that face in the crowd. Smiling back at her. Cheering for her. Trying hard to hold back tears. She felt the knot in her stomach. She saw the warmth that shadow emitted around her when she was alone. She found sudden strength. 

She knew what to do. She went to the store, brought the most colourful Father's Day card and scribbled on it. The sun shone brighter that day and the birds chirped a sweeter note. She bought some flowers, drove back home and waited for the familiar shadow to step in. 

She hugged her mom as she walked in, gave her the card and the flowers and wished her a very Happy Father's Day! She had found all the answers that day. The face in the crowd became clearer and she saw her mom, fighting against all odds, playing the role of both parents to the hilt, trying her best not to make her daughter realise that her dad was not around. The card said it all and the two souls hugged each other.....forever

Note: This is purely fiction. 

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