The Wind that day....
|   Nov 27, 2016
The Wind that day....

Its been long that I have written something here. Amma brought a lovely lantern for me for Diwali knowing my craze of artifacts. She wrapped it carefully in her old cotton saree. Once I got home, I unwrapped the lantern and hung it in my balcony. It looked lovely…as if it always belonged there. Then my eyes fell on the saree.

I kept it in the laundry basket for wash. I forgot about it. It  was a very old cotton saree. After a few days, I saw it lying crumpled in the basket. I took it out and gave it a good wash. Then I hung it dry. Forgot about it till evening.

The setting sun had thrown its warm and beautiful sunlight all over the balcony. The breeze played with the chimes. I looked up to the most beautiful and nostalgic memory that I have of my mom. The bright yellow saree put the sun to shame. Tiny hand embroidered designs in green mocked my green plants. The bright red thread work on it challenged the redness of the sunset. It  blew and danced in the window. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. It seemed to beckon me. It smelled of fresh detergent…but along it that came flooding to my mind childhood memories. Memories of my mother’s perfume…the pickles that she made, the food that she lovingly cooked for us, her standing in her prized garden trimming the shrubs, her curly defiant hair all over her face, the aroma that cuddled me as a baby and I realised that my eyes were wet.

I went to it and hugged it with all the love and warmth a child could seek from her mom. It embraced me back. And I longed for amma who is 600kms away from me. In my native place..sending over all her strength..her blessings and happiness to me. Her daughter.

This saree amma means so much to me. Of all the happiness and sacrifices you have done for your kids. The strong living example that you are. The warmth that your smile brings to us. The firm nod of your head and the stiff upper line that still makes us stop when we are about to do something wrong.

I miss her so much. I long for her. That day I was that little child who yearned for her mom..that touch. I ll visit her soon I know. But till then…I will continue to miss you amma.

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