You have got mail!
|   Mar 31, 2015
You have got mail!

IMG_6733The expression on his face said it all. He had ‘Got the Mail’. If there is something known as ‘face reading’, then I would have headed straight to pack our bags…simply because, I know that look.  ‘Pack our bags honey, its time to move back to India’. Being an expat, trailing wife, I would recognize that look anywhere! Let us not talk about ‘my look’ then. I am sure you have heard of ‘If looks can kill!”.

The melodrama and the expressions followed suit. ‘We will miss our friends’, said kids…’anIMG_6723d our teachers’, they pitched in! ‘How will we fit back there?”, they lamented. I had the same emotions unleashing in me….lashing out at my glands and blurring my vision. I will miss my friends, this place, everything about it, I thought. But, I was a parent….a partner in crime with hubby…had to make kids understand that we would be going back home…going back where we came from…and not throw a tantrum like them..secretly how I wished I could!

After the storm had died down, we saw that the cartons had overpowered us….big, brown and ugly. Packing is not a menace as much as disposing stuff is. That’s the time I realized when and why had I collected so much of crap, and managed to live with all of it around me! ‘Everything necessary’ became ‘not necessary’ in a matter of seconds. I wished we lived in a house that could float around with balloons as in the movie ‘Up’.

Well it was time to pack and throw…broken toys were reunited..the heads
and tails came together. Books were prioritized on some weird parameters quoted by son, and then we realized we would end up carrying each and everyone of them. ‘I need them ma’…’Can I?’. Ben 10 jeered at me from the book cover! Give in…give in…we are moving…give the kids whatever they want…..phew!

The most difficult part was packing the toys. ‘Awww ma..I can’t discard him, he is so cute’. ‘Ma! This car has been with me ever since the day I was born! Really? I always thought it was me….no? ‘I don’t want to give the doll away ma…look! she still has a single strand of hair left!’. I was clearly losing mine. Hubby wasn’t being very helpful here…evading the conversations and ducking behind his favorite shield…the newspaper! Oh…if you haven’t guessed yet, we carried every single piece of toy back. When we finished packing and disposing stuff, we were amused to find a couple of bags that spelled ‘throw away’, compared to the huge pile of ‘take with you’ things..sigh!

IMG_6557Dinner and lunches were mundane efforts of emptying the pantry. ‘Mixed everything’ was almost the menu in forms Ramsay would not imagined in his dreams. All the creams, lotions and perfumes were dabbed on elaborately! We changed our nail colours everyday. Double kill! The colors and the remover! I oiled the kids hair and mine regularly. We looked like models with sleek oiled hair, partitioned right in the middle like National Highways! I could have endorsed those oils any day. More oil on pillow covers meant more detergent while washing them….I tell you…I should have got that award long back! All the ill fitting clothes were tried on and tolerated before they were rejected….tummies were tucked in and cheeks were pulled in. I would live for 30 mins…for more…

The most painful part was saying bye…the teary farewells..the heartbreaking speeches and the longer-than-usual hugs…absolutely killing. When you stay for long in a place..the place engulfs you, and when its time to say bye….you tear away a part of you….not that you lose any pounds by doing so..but yeah…’matters of the heart’ they say!

Going back meant making some important phone calls… terms of high priority…

  • The Old Maid: When the chirpy voice on the other end recognizes you and says..’Oh great! You are coming back! Don’t worry I will be there’…..Life cannot be better than th047is…trust me. Hubby almost spent an extra minute there doubting if that was really the maid that made me blush!
  • Milkman…Newspaper guy: They qualify highly under the Basic Survival Kit!
  • Mom and dad: Those squeals of delight when they know their grand kids are going to be with them….priceless! And you? Oh! sorry to say that dear, but the day your kids were born, you officially lost your standing….step down please….S
  • Schools: Nothing magical to know that there are openings in school and yes…that is it!
  • Old friends: Need I say more…nothing like old wine and old friends….

After ticking these, I guess we had things under control for now…and of course it included stuffing the bags full and then filling in those teeny weeny gaps…till the zips threatened to let go! Those millions of videos on you tube on how to pack perfectly hold true till some layers…after that…hell breaks loose! was indeed time to move again, trailing behind us… huge bags….reluctant kids and forced smiles….till next time….

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