How to make your child successful?
|   Jul 06, 2016
How to make your child successful?

"Kalyug hai bhai, Satyug nai...Yahan koi Kisi ka saga nai hota. " we often get to hear this phrase. What has really brought about this change?

According to me it is the meaning of 'competition' that has changed over the years. Charles Darwin's theory - "Survival of the fittest" holds true even today, just that the definition of survival has changed over generations.

As a nomad, survival to man meant to keep breathing. With advancement in civilization survival meant having basic amenities of life - food, water and shelter. Gradually with the introduction of education and money, survival meant passing with 1st division and having a decent 5 digit income that could make ends meet.

In the 21st century, survival means being nowhere but the TOP. And I believe that somewhere we parents play a crucial role in reformulation of this definition. Each parent has an ardent desire to see his/her child on ‘Top of the World’, but most of them fail to focus on the development part.

Each day, each hour children are beaten with cudgels of competition. Children, who burn the candle at both ends reach the TOP and those who don’t wish to burn, take the stairway of money. And most of the times we parents show them this easy way. This is evident from the recent news of the Bihar topper who stated – “Maine to papa ko pass karwane ko kaha tha, unhone toh top karwa diya.” (I just asked my dad to get me passed, but he went an extra mile and made me a topper of Bihar).

Be it education or the financial status in the society, man has started believing in the concept of 'Paisa phekh tamasha dekh' (You can get any job done in the name of money). Is this a sustainable formula for survival? Will our children ever learn the true spirit of competition? Our coming generations will just learn to bypass the rules and somehow reach there on the TOP. For once, even if they reach there they won’t be able to do justice to their roles.

According to me it is very important to have the right start for your child. It is our duty as parents to inculcate the true spirit of competition and a winning attitude in our children. It is our duty to vent out peer-pressure to a manageable level for our kids. As parents we should ensure that children compete with themselves rather than their counterparts. This way each day they will beat their last performance, push them to be better and better and be truly successful. Also we as parents should help our children to realise their mistakes and learn from them. I personally adhere to one golden rule – “Kamyabi ke peeche mat bhago. Kabil bano, kabil. Kamyabi toh sali jhak marke peeche ayegi.”.

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