" Bahurani" the Unsaid Indian Household Villian !
|   Jan 31, 2017
" Bahurani" the Unsaid Indian Household Villian !

After marriage in Indian households welcome their “Bahurani”. Lots of celebrations and happiness is filled around to celebrate the entry of this “Rani” who is so unaware of what holds in future for her.


She is ready to enter the phase of her life where she will be given no option to play the role she wishes too.In the film of her family, she is going to be the eternal life loing declared “VILLIAN” for every act related,unrelated, occurred and fictional in the family.


It all starts with the act of innocence on her part without realizing whats cooking in for her. Unaware of the interpretations of her actions she starts off as the ideal bahu who’s duty is to take care of her new family and family members. She slowly realizes that her actions such as -  serving food to one before another (since he was hungry), giving glass of water to her husband instead of her MIL, not able to make tea since she had a headache, making breakfast of her choice, planning to go on a movie date with her husband or rather just giving her point of view in any matter involving her will be seen through a Sasural wala Magnifying glass to prove that she is culprit of lifetime.It is a rule for her to  give explanation for every action of hers, still everyone is able to find a mean reason behind it which is just so much their own choice.


No matter is she has a career to balance for , she is bonded to give her soul to the kitchen. But no the irony doesn’t stop here , even despite her efforts to try as much as to please everyone in the family she is criticized for cooking of her choice, putting too much salt in the food. She is the one to be blamed for not cooking enough(when someone had an extra serving )   or cooking extra ( when someone did not eat )


She is suppose to listen up to all the unrequired oversmart advise of her very intelligent Sister in law ( Who actually needs help herself ! ). No matter how talented she is , it is her duty to learn how to even make tasty chai from the self proclaimed god for the family( faith can be blind at times you see ! )


If the son has a disagreement with the parents  , it is not because of the difference in POVs but rather due to the marriage that he had actually done years ago  ( Bahurani has the most advanced gadget to control the son’s mind even when away). She is one who we should not be talking to for days after we have had a fight with our son since it her fault.The same goes for the grandchildren, they don’t disagree with grandparents but actually follow their mother who has put in her heart and soul for the family.


Years pass , the blame game continues with different forms and intensity. The “Bahurani” is a culprit who has been given the title of villain for lifetime and there is no escape for her.She is the one to blame for all the insecurity which actually is all in the mind.


I so wish we were able to look at the whole picture from the eyes of this beautiful soul who only seeks love and trust in her. She is away from her family in search of a new one. If only the new family could welcome her with warm heart , life could be so beautiful for everyone.


Why does our society make the “Bahurani” the unsaid Villian when she is the heroine in the story. Why is she always looked down ? Why can’s she speak her mind at home when she can be running a whole business outside?


I do agree even today there are beautiful families who live with love and trust.But why doesn’t this be given for every girl who gets into this beautiful institution ?


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