Issues that WEIGH on the mind
|   Mar 02, 2015
Issues that WEIGH on the mind

While growing up, one of the issues that each one of us faces is – are we the right weight? Are we too thin? Too fat? Or just right? Being on the slim side, I often wondered if I was perhaps a bit too skinny – and looked like a scarecrow? My close friend, a bit on the plump side constantly worried about being too fat. One of those days as we were studying for exams together, I was cribbing about being too thin and she about being too fat. Suddenly we both looked at each other and started laughing. We realized that no matter who we are, or what weight – it would never seem right.

Once she left, I stood in front of the mirror and looked at myself. I realized that in every country the definition of ‘perfect weight’ changed. Forget country, in every city, the definition was different. With dawning wisdom I realized, not just city, at every age, the definition of ‘perfect weight’ changed. Perhaps, there was no such thing as perfect weight. Maybe we youngsters were looking in the wrong direction?

Over the next few days as I met people, and interacted with some of them whom I really admired – I realized that none of them really fit in to the ‘perfect weight’ category but it never made them look any less beautiful or handsome in my eyes. I realized feeling healthy was important – doing regular exercises and keeping my back and neck in good shape was great as it helped me do everything better – but weight? As I was, I was okay.

Ads, models, television – it all creates a very misleading picture of beauty in our mind. It is only with oodles of make up and other cosmetic surgeries that people end up looking like they do in media. Comparing ourselves to them was not just silly – but it was also dejecting and a big waste of time.

Ever since I realized all this – the way I looked at myself in the mirror changed. The image, smiling at me from the other end would say, “There is no such thing as the perfect weight. However, the weight that you are… is just perfect for you!” 

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