Five notable signs why actually babies cry about & wake up at night and what should you do about it
|   Jun 22, 2016
Five notable signs why actually babies cry about & wake up at night and what should you do about it

The birth of a first newborn child also gives birth to parents. No one has had forehand experience in raising the kids. Everything does not go by the book that parents read during their pregnancy period. Parents also evolve and grow with their child. Here are some tips on why the kids have varied sleeping pattern during their first year of development and what should parents do about it. .

1)When they are born, they go through wavering changes of their brain Due to big- change in their surrounding from atmosphere of mother's womb to the new world, the babies have disturbed sleeping patterns. This is the reason why kids wake up at night and sleep during the day hours. These stages are called rapid eye movement sleep stage into the mother's womb to non rapid eye movement sleep stage into the new world. The more they cross the transitions of these sleeping patterns; they tend to wake at different time intervals crying.

2) Frequent feeding is a necessary. Newborn babies take feed in a smaller amount so they are supposed to be fed frequently. And Yes, they tend to pee and poop more, keep tab on their hygiene and cleanliness. They shall be fed regularly in the night also.

3) Abdominal pain, teething or infection? Infants get colic or gas at different stages because of their growing body. They wake up at night with severe pain and crying. The home remedy for this problem is very simple. Tale small amount of lukewarm of oil in a container and mix it with a handful of asophoteda powder and apply on babies abdominal part. Your cute babies can also wake up at night if they are feeling too hot or cold or if they are feeling sick. It can be also due to infection or vaccination. Sometimes, the teething process is also hard on babies and they tend to wake up and cry. At these painful times, the doctor can prescribe some medicine to soothe the babies at night. We can also use jayphal to soothe the kids. But, everyone should preferably consult the physician before using any ayurvedic remedy.

4) Yes! That’s because of excitement Your naughty babies also go through excitement stages! They learn and experience new things, rolling over, crawling, walking etc and are up and energetic to play at night.  And you have to participate with them and feel their kaleidoscopic vision

5) Changes will come like thunder in the sky! Babies through behavior changes which is because of sleeping pattern. They also feel the change in the places which leads to change in sleeping pattern. They should be cuddled a lot during this stage. And this kind of settlement will take time. Also if the kid is potty trained he or she may wake up frequently to go to bathroom. 

6) This habit can be a big pain later! Many kids have the habit of sucking a bottle or pacifier while sleeping at night. This habit makes them to wake up more at night as the pacifier falls down.  It is better to take the babies off that habit. Also there are different ways to soothe a baby to sleep. Different ways might work with different kids, but parents should definitely give a try.

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