The day when I got pregnant
|   Feb 01, 2017
The day when I got pregnant

Once we get married, at some or the other point we decide to have kids. And then we start trying. Then comes the time when we miss the periods and we get pregnant. We may take the test on the home pregnancy test kit and those lines on the test kit mean a lot.

The beginning of my new life

Let me take you a few months back before I got pregnant. I got married in the month of May. I was really very happy. I got married to the person of my choice, to the guy with whom I had fallen in love with. He loved me a lot. We were a perfect couple made for each other.

At the time of our marriage I and my husband both were above thirty. We considered all our financial factors and family support and decided that we should try to get pregnant.

So, just after a few months of our marriage we started trying.

Fifteen days before I came to know about my pregnancy

I had already missed my periods after a few months, but, at that time by chance my mother was really ill and she was admitted in the hospital. So, despite of missing my periods, I did not take any care about it and was too busy to notice it.  I and my hubby were busy helping my parents through their tough time.

After a few days my mother was relieved from the hospital and we took her home. After that my husband came to pick me up. At that time I really got the opportunity to talk to him about my missed periods. And so while crossing a nearby medical store we stopped to buy the Preganews pregnancy test kit. It is supposed to be the most accurate home pregnancy test kit. But, after we went home we were very exhausted and slept. Also, we had to wake up early the next morning. We had to visit his parents at his native village.

 The day

It was the end of the month of September. I got up early and as I went to the wash room had the urge to take the pregnancy test. So, I took the kit and did the test. And there after few minutes were the most beautiful two lines that will be totally changing my life and future forever. I was ecstatic with joy and screamed to call my husband.

We were really happy and we were pregnant. We did not do any pre pregnancy care and planning as recommended. But, we were really happy and ready to bark on the new journey of becoming parents.

And now we are happily and successfully parenting a two and half year old beautiful daughter.

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