The story of my c-section
|   May 26, 2017
The story of my c-section

The birth of a child is a very important thing in a parents life. Both mother and child have to go through a tremendous amount of a change and pain at the time of birth. Every birth has its own story. The birth process may involve normal delivery or c-section.  It totally depends on the decision of the attending doctor, whether the delivery will be possible through normal delivery or a cesarean. But, now a days the trend of c-section is increasing. Hence, the people have started to have a doubt that the doctor’s might be doing cesarean for their own benefit. Well, i do not know whether this is true or not. But, i really want to share my story of cesarian.


The doctor had given my due date on 27th of May. On 3rd of May 2014, I suddenly felt that my baby was not moving. I did not feel proper moment of my baby for more than 24 hours. On the evening of 3rd May the doctor asked me to come for a check up. She performed the regular ultrasound and told us that everything seems to be fine. But, calcification has already started so she asked us to get colour doppler done on Monday 5th of may. On Monday we went to get the color doppler done. There we came to know that there was a tight cord around the baby’s neck. We went and showed this report to my doctor. My doctor advised that we should go for cesarian as soon as possible. The doctor said that if we wait for normal delivery there might be danger to the baby’s life. Hence, we decided to go for c-section on 6th May.


My cesarian process was totally fine. But, when they came to show my baby to me somehow something happened to me and I could not lift my head or lift my hands to touch my baby. Somehow, i felt i was paralysed. I also started vomiting in the operation theater. This, was only the starting of various problems that I faced after my c-section. I had mention in my file to the doctor that I have migraine. But, she forgot to administer migraine medication in the pint. And this gave me migraine immediate after birth. The pain in my head was four times the labour pain. I did not even get to see my baby properly. I was not even able to lift my head and feed my baby. My baby had to be put on bottle feed. I do not even remember the initial ten-fifteen days of my daughter. Even months after the cesarean, I had the same amount of bleeding as the first day after c-section. I had to take many intravenous injections to curb the flow.


After going through all this I really feel that i will definitely choose normal delivery over c-section. No one had ever explained to me the side effects of c-section. I always feel that I should have asked my doctor to see if normal delivery was possible or not. So, i feel that c-section is definitely easy at the time of delivery. But, it has lot of dangerous side effects.

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