The Papa Channel and The Micromax Tabby
|   Jun 20, 2015
The Papa Channel and The Micromax Tabby

When it comes to technology the first things are “excitement” and “challenge”, I feel inside.

I am tech savvy . When other children were not aware about the computers in 1987 I had my own ZX-Sinclair PC and learned BASIC programming. I was 12 at that time. My father gave me the machine without hesitation and I used to spend hours doing programming. My father was sure that I am spending worthy time. Internet was not there back then.

But when it is about introducing technology to my daughter, “fear” and “Caution” are first things in my mind.  Internet seems so dark place to me that it feels like I’m sending my daughter alone into dark woods full of beasts. But what is the solution?

After much Thinking I decided to deal the problem with technology itself. I Took a 1 TB Wireless External Hard Disk. Named it “PAPA Channel” and connected it to my TV. Also it was connected over wi-fi  to their Desktop.I filled the drive with loads of Movies, Videos, Cartoon Shows and many other different things appropriate for kids. I also installed encyclopedia in their desktop. Now whenever they want to watch TV they have to select papa channel. If there is a school project they can do research with those credible encyclopedias instead of doubtful wiki sites.

But the papa channel is not for every Papa. Here I would suggest the Micromax Tabby which gives you the exact solution but with less complex technology. Now you can introduce the wonderful world of technology and new age entertainment content altogether in this single device.

The best feature of the tabby is its browser. Instead of blocking sites, you add sites in browser or bookmark them. kids will only be able to access the added sites.

Another Feature is promoting content for your kids. You can encourage to do things you want them to use on the tab.This gives you full control of the content. You can also get the report of what kids are doing with the tabby.   

 You can build your kids profile based on their Age and the tab will automatically select the appropriate content from the Pre-loaded library.  There are many other feature which are surly useful.

I can say that now my Papa Channel has got a stiff competition -----thanks to Micromax  

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