|   Dec 04, 2015

A Mother

My father-in –law once told me that when a girl is married, she is like a small animal ,very tender, and vulnerable, but the moment she becomes a mother, she turns into a lioness ,very strong who can protect her child from even a smallest of danger. Then that could be anything, a viral fever, a bully in the school or a goon on the road side. And I truly agree with that. That’s why moms are not only moms, but super moms. And now a days, with woman being so strong and independent, it is more justified.

 She is a caretaker who cooks her child’s food with utmost sincerity and the balanced diet she is keen on giving her child may embarrass even a dietician. She is a teacher and unlike teachers in schools who are overburdened with curriculum and different activities, she knows the strength and weaknesses of the child at hand and helps in every possible manner to improve child’s scores. She is a friend and a guide who can help her child to understand the world better by letting her child cry when she knows that it is important to feel the pain sometimes but at the same time advices him to be strong and brave and always be an emotional support to her child.

 And for a child, she is always the hero because they play together, laughs together, read bedtime stories together, eat together,  and do whole lot of work together like preparing for debates in schools, deciding what dress to buy, what gift to buy for friend’s birthday parties, going to swimming and tennis classes, making Christmas and birthday party plans and yet she had the energy left to work in the office and come back home and prepare their favourite dish for the dinner. That is a MOTHER.

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