My son is going to be a Doctor.My daughter is going to be an Engineer.
|   Dec 04, 2015
My son is going to be a Doctor.My daughter is going to be an Engineer.

Last Sunday,we went to our family friend's house.Exams were over,results were out and in a jolly mood we knocked on their door. After two three bells, someone opened the door. And their in front of us were the lady of the house, with a really tense,sad face. All our excitement turned into concern. "Is everything alright", asked my over caring husband.(for other's wives)."Yeah, it's just that Chintu's result is very bad.",she said with a voice we could hardly hear. Her over-bleached face was looking  yellow from tension.In my mind I thought, he must have flunked. But one look at the " oh -so intelligent" Chintu and my thought was turned into confirmation."it's ok, he is just in 7th class. we can let him do it again. And if he is embarrassed to do so in the same school, we can change his school", said my husband while sitting on the sofa to his very serious father.I also nodded my head thinking about my already spolit evening." How much did you get ,beta?", I asked genuinely. With much hesitation Chintu answered"91%".

I almost cursed under my breath, looking at my husband who almost spilled the glass of water in his hand, that the maid of the over-grieving family provided us with. Really, and then I didn't even want to share the marks of my daughter(85%),which we were so proud of and had already treated her with a new dress and a pizza party. 

The whole point of narrating this incident is that why we, as a nation ,are obsessed with scores. And why  every parent wants its kid to be a Doctor or an Engineer. Why can't we think of other professions in the same light as these two? We are pushing our kids to be the persons, either they don't have the calibre to be or they don't want to be. And in this attempt of ours we produce a breed which is mediocre in everything. And we forget that when that kid will grow up, he will spend all his life thinking, why i am doing this when I could be a great photographer. And at that time he cannot be a great photographer also because he is not skilled to do that.

My idea is to give our child a proper education, and a burning desire to excel. And then, watch the child's area of interest. Help him cultivate that interest into a life time skill, not just as a hobby, but with proper professional backup, and then see your child fly high in to Sky. We see examples of people from all walks of life around us. Look at ChetanBhagat, Saina Nehawal, Sachin Tendulkar, Amitabh Bachhan ,etc. We read their biographies, marvelled at their achievements, discuss their parent's sacrifices, but when it comes to our own Chintu, we forget those basic things and start participating in the Race that has no end.



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