5 Best Habits of Awesome Moms
|   Jun 29, 2016
5 Best Habits of Awesome Moms

Want to become an awesome mom? There is no need to make sacrifices and compromise all the time to become one. All you need is a re-look at your parenting approach.Remind yourself that you are already a super star! All mothers are special. Pat your back for doing all the wonderful things you do for your children and get ready  to find out 5 best habits that set some mothers apart and make them little more awesome  than others. Scroll down and see how far or near you are from the coveted title of "An Awesome Mom".

1. Awesome moms take care of their health. Nearly all mothers try to make sure that their children eat and sleep well but a majority of them ignore their own  well being. That is such a pity! A mother who lives on leftovers from the kids' plate or compromises on her sleep is bound to be groggy and irritated. If you look at her  from the children's eyes, you will find a mother who looks tired and unhappy.Unfortunately all the unrelenting efforts of the mother may go unappreciated if she is not in good spirits most of the time. Children prefer energetic people who can hug them, run after them, play and smile with them.To match up with the kids, it is imperative that a mom is healthy and active. This is possible only if she is careful about her diet , sleep and exercise. If you have vitamins and mineral (mostly iron or calcium) deficiencies because of your poor eating habits, you are far from becoming an awesome mom.

Gear up mommies, adopt the first habit of awesome moms. Don't skip your breakfast. Eat balanced food. Add milk and yogurt to your daily diet and take fruits and nuts as snacks.Take out ten minutes to exercise at least five days a week and sleep for not less than seven hours a day. What? You don't think it is possible ? It is possible mommies if you love yourself. You just need to reorganize your day and thoughts. That brings us to the next habit of awesome moms.

2. Awesome moms are not perfectionist. You heard it right mommies! Awesome moms are not perfectionist. They are just happy women who ignore at times the dirt on the kitchen slab, sleep happily in not so perfect pyjamas, don't bother too much if the laundry is piling up and can manage with books and toys scattered everywhere. These are women who don't want their children to look great all the time, they don't mind if their children are not first rank holders in their classes and most importantly they realize that children are children and not adults. They can forgive themselves and their children for few mistakes here and there. Yes, mommies! if you are trying to be perfect, you are probably not an awesome mom. Motherhood is such a daunting task and if you are trying to add perfection to it, your efforts may go fruitlessly. Numerous studies have shown that perfectionists have higher blood pressure. They have a lot of anxiety and are normally more stressed  than others. Striving for perfection also eats up a lot of time. So keep your eyes closed at times and use the time you thus save in taking a quick nap or exercising. Or utilize that time for being with your kids.

Relax mommies! Let go of that desire to be superwomen! Learn to rest. Your children will learn with time that toys are not to be kept in the kitchen closet and that walls are not meant for scribbling.Your teenager is just living his hormonal changes. You don't need to keep everything perfect.That brings us to the next habit of awesome moms, they prioritize.

3. Awesome moms prioritize things. Awesome moms are awesome because they are sorted in life. They know what their preferences are and who matter most in their lives. They prioritize. They prioritize at different levels. As mothers, their focus is on their children. They make their choices in life and stick to them without guilt or regret. For instance, if she chooses between a SAHM or working mother, she lives her choice with elan. If she decides between a nanny and a day care, she examines all the pros and cons but once she decides , she is happy with her decision. A typical mom falling in this category would shun all irrelevant people, phone calls and messages and focus on her children.She knows that the ongoing conversation with her 9 year old is more important than a call from a distant relative at that particular moment.  From new born to toddler stage, she provides her kids with all chances to explore in a safe environment. She accepts that babies learn by touching, throwing, pushing, mouthing, climbing and falling. So she would not bother if the TV remote is found in one of her shoes! A fancy, tidy house is not her priority. Similarly with teenager children, such a mother will act with perseverance. She would acknowledge the impact of hormonal changes and growth spurts and prioritize to focus on communication.

Motherhood is a journey marked by choices that a mother makes. At each stage of your children's lives, there are things that you need to prioritize. If your children are your priority, reflect that in your actions.

4. Awesome moms are connected mothers. Connected mothers? What does that mean? Well, being a connected mother means to believe that how you respond to your child is how they learn to respond to you and others. So awesome moms prefer to treat their children as equals and respect them. They  don't control their kids, they nurture them. Let me elaborate with an example. If a child shows tantrums or is misbehaving, such mothers will not punish them but they will talk it out later. They see "misbehavior" not as an occasion to reprimand or punish but as an opportunity to help their children to learn to differentiate between good and bad behavior. Awesome moms respond with empathy and make sure that the children feel loved. Ridiculing kids, shouting at them in public or nagging are not their tools. They choose to talk, discuss and find a solution. They love and respect their children exactly the way they want to be cared and respected. 

 5. Awesome moms practise what they preach. Last but definitely not the least, awesome mothers set example for their children. They are not the porte-parole of good behavior but they exhibit the same. For instance, if you want your children to share, start showing examples of sharing. Don't ever shout if you want your children to speak softly. Children are great observers. They may not understand what you say but they will surely imbibe what you show. So mommies ,if you think you are doing a great job by lecturing your kids with good things, STOP! Start doing those things yourself and you will save on a lot of words, arguments and energy.

Now tell me , is the coveted title of "An Awesome Mom" in your hands after reading the article? What are the other habits that make a mom awesome according to you? Please share your views  in comments. 

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