How To Bond With A Baby: Secret Revealed!
|   Jun 16, 2016
How To Bond With A Baby: Secret Revealed!

The arrival of a little one carries with itself a paradise for the newly born parents. Sudden outburst of emotions and the fragility of the new-born are so overwhelming that a robust desire to bond with the baby surfaces immediately. On the contrary, the little baby shows nearly no signs of affection making parents dumbfounded. The question looms in the mind: how can I make this adorable little thing love me? Will he ever know how much I love him and reciprocate?

I am sure, dear readers, you will agree that bonding with the baby is not instant. It is a long, cumulative process that requires a lot of efforts. When I first visited the pediatrician after my baby’s birth, he advised “Breastfeed, massage the baby regularly and talk to him as much as you can. Your baby will feel loved and secure.” On reaching home I narrated to my mother what the doctor said and she contended, “Absolutely. Babies thrive on milk and oil.”

My mother was already religiously massaging dear son twice a day and with the doctor’s remark I had begun to see the whole massage session in new light. Google enlightened me more on the subject and I came to know that skin to skin touch and rhythmic movements are a unique way of communicating with the baby. A good massage is very important for bonding. It helps the baby relax; sleep better, makes her aware of her body and is important for her emotional well-being. It is also believed that regular massaging helps build strong bones. Additionally it also benefits the caregiver as it stimulates the production of the feel good hormone oxytocin in the body. (Precisely why my mother would not let anybody else do it till the time we were with her!)

This is clear that if you want to connect with your baby, massages are a great way but massaging the baby with any available oil is not a prudent decision. Babies have sensitive skin that requires gentle care. Most of the products available in the market are, unfortunately, either mineral oil based or chemical based making them harmful for the baby. Thus begins the daunting task of choosing the best suitable oil for your baby. After massive research and discussions with many experienced people, my quest ended with a bottle of Dabur baby massage oil with Olive and Almond for my beloved son. Enriched with goodness of healthy natural ingredients like Olive and Almonds and devoid of harsh chemicals like artificial colors and paraffin, this massage oil is perfect for my baby’s skin. Nutrition, adequate sleep and massage have helped my baby grow well and he attained all milestones well in time. His skin is soft and looks well nourished. I am so impressed with this oil that I felt like sharing the details with you.

Dabur baby massage oil with Olive and Almond

Ingredients: Natural Oils containing Sunflower, Sesame, Olive, Almond and Jojoba.

Olive is known to help fasten muscle development and quicken bone formation and Almond is known to make the skin soft and supple.

Priced at Rs.110 for 100 ml, it’s a great buy for baby’s massage.

Package: It is packed in a spill-proof transparent plastic bottle. The cover has a cute picture of a baby elephant lifting weight. Why I am mentioning the cover is because it will captivate your toddler and he will settle down for some time and give you chance to massage!

Fragrance: A sweet and cherishing smell that will make your baby feel fresh.

With my personal experience, I highly recommend the oil to all the caring mothers who ensure that only right and natural products touch their babies.

If your little angel has a sensitive skin, I suggest that you first do a skin test by applying the oil on a small patch of skin and see for any signs of allergy or irritation.

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