When My Toddler Sleeps
|   May 24, 2016
When My Toddler Sleeps

My boy is an early riser and wakes up probably before the rooster. Every night while going to bed I pray that he sleeps atleast until 6 so that I wake up refreshed to his giggles the next day. But dear son is a manifestation of punctuality and never fails to wake up between 5.15 and 5.30 in the morning.

Its not that I am not happy with this. Infact I am. I chose to be a disciplined mom and put him to bed by 8 pm every night right from the time he began to sleep through 5 hours at a stretch. So he has got into that routine well but hardly did I realise that if he sleeps early and wakes up early I would not get enough hours of sleep unless I get into the bed latest by 10. 10? Impossible. After my toddler sleeps, most of the chores are to be finished. Dinner, cleaning kitchen, laundry , etc. People ask me "does not he sleep during the day? What do you do then?"

Yes. He does take a nap in the afternoon for an hour or two. And when my ever mobile toddler sleeps during the day .... my mind attains a strange commotion. Innumerable ideas hop in my head. " I think I need a good cup of tea. No. I must watch TV for some time. No, no. I should call my mom or sister or a friend. Oh I thought I would apply facepack ! Forget it. I should read the newspaper today. No, no I should write an article for my blog...".

Strangely I am hardly able to do anything as per the plans. I usually end up sitting idle or moving from one room to another. When my toddler sleeps, I should also take a nap with him so that my body rests. However I fail everyday. The person in me wants to do all that I have not been able to do for days and months. My soul yearns for some "me" time and prevents my body from sleeping. Yet everyday before I settle down, my naughty boy wakes up and running around starts for me. Very easily my desires vanish into his energy and I wait for his nap the next day!

** How very much I wish my efforts do not go into vain and he wakes up in time when schooling starts. AMEN!**

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