How my husband saved the day....
|   Sep 07, 2016
How my husband saved the day....

Social or traditional marriages involves lot of rituals which are again associated with good or bad signs.Like in one of my relatives marriage the groom's dhoti caught fire from the crackers bursting around.There was lot of commotion after that and pujas were held to negate the negative things that may presume to happen from a freak accident.

During our marriage also the senior citizens were closely monitoring the rituals so that no ominous events could takeplace.When our main ceremony started we were made to sit in the mandap in front of the fire.The priest began to chant mantras and we were doing the needful.

During one such process I had to place my hand on my husband's and both of our hands would be placed on a kalash.Now it so happened that the kalash was not standing properly.The floor was actually not even.So it was getting disbanded. My husband's relatives did not like it.They began to murmur that the bride's family should have been more careful while constructing the mandap.

Now before the murmur could increase into an outburst,I realised that the kalash was not moving at all.Our priest too noticed that.Everyone around us also looked relaxed.

Actually what had happened was that my husband quietly balanced the kalash with his otherhand.Our priest,at the end of the ceremony,blessed us and said to me,"U are really lucky to have him as your husband.He will surely but quietly accompany you and support you in everything you do.I really loved the way he handled the whole situation."

I was justoverwhelmed.Even today I find him just the same.Very caring and supportive but without any noise.Sometimes even I do not understand how much he has done for me,really.But he prefers it that way.Without any noise.

I am truly blessed.

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