Mom's touch is miracle
|   Sep 11, 2016
Mom's touch is miracle

Even now,when I am a mother of two kids,I miss it and want it mom's touch when I am not well...when I am down or even when I am in a wonderful mood.Nothing can match up to my mother's affectionate touch on my head and back.A simple touch which makes me feel refreshed and takes me back to my childhood.  

Even now,when I go to my moms place or she comes over to my place,we make it a point to sleep together.She would also tell me,"come,I will oil your hair".The whole process of my mother oiling my hair with her hands is not so much about the beautification of my hair.Its our bonding,that of a mother and daughter,being redefined.I go back to my childhood and my mother gets back her little daughter,albeit not physically,but mentally,through her hands.Aftet oiling she will comb my hair into a bun and mutter,"U had such thick hair like your father. But now it's all gone.You are not taking care of your hair properly."Saying this she would rub her hands on my back and massage my shoulders gently.Those touches remains with me long after she leaves.

I can go on and on about my mom and heraffection.So may be as mothers we should also make our children feel loved and wanted through our touch.It is really unique.It is unlimited bonding.

I still remember that when we had fever or any other ailment during childhood,my mother would leave all her work,sit beside me or my brother, whoever was not well,place her hand on our forehead,and recite mantras.Her prayer as well as her moving hands on our body worked wonders.We felt rejuvenated.We felt loved.We felt wanted.

Even now I do the same to mychildren.I want to touch them.It may be a pat on their back or a simple hug or massage them before a bath with my hands or run over my hands on their hair while putting them to sleep at night.We enjoy it.My boys are so habituated with the fact that I love to be in constant touch with them that they would make it a point to come to my lap by turns.At night when I make them to lie down on my both sides,I keep moving my hands on their back with prayers on my lips.Gradually,they fall asleep,peacefully.Some times they will tell me,"Ma,don't take off your hands even when we fall asleep and recite your prayers loudly."They just love it and enjoy it to the hilt.

It said that children need at least three touches a day from their mother to feelgood.And if they are going through difficult times it increases to twelve times.But then it is really not very difficult.We as mothers can make our children feel special not by giving them expensive gifts only but through our simple touch.It soothes them,makes them happy and creates such a special bonding that lasts not only as long as we live but also long after we are no more in this world.

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