My sons and their father...
|   Sep 14, 2016
My sons and their father...

Well,being a minority sometimes helps you know friends!Jokes apart,the fact that I am the lone female member of the family has really put things in my favour.

The first reason is that my two boys and their father are always out there to helpme.They love whatever I do and even my three years old says,"Yum!the food is tasty ma!"Oh!every time he says that my heart leaps up with joy!

When I wash clothes and get ready to hang them(most of the time indoors because Shillong's weather is really unpredictable)my boys will be ready to supply me clips whenever I need them.But sometimes it creates a tussle between them as to who will supply me with the maximum number of clips and I have to postpone my work until the storm settles down.

My elder one,who is seven years old,has learnt to do most of his work on his own,thanks to their father!My husband makes it a point to allow him to do some work on his own.I,on the other hand,was very happy to assist my son in all his endeavour when my husband prevented me from doing so.He made it a point to discourage me from helping my child because my husband also loves to do his own work.

Believe me friends,we have been married for the last nine years and during this tenure I have never helped my husband in any way regarding his socks,handkerchief,keys or books.He is extremely organised and disciplined and always puts things in their proper place.Sometimes he helps me to search for my charger which I always forget as to where I have kept it after my cell has been charged.He generally keeps it in the proper place because he knows I shall start searching for it very soon!

Our children has grown up watching their Baba being extremely immaculate about histhings.I have never searched for his things and I have never known his things being misplaced.They are well maintained and are just in their proper places.

My husband is obsessed with his books so much so that he does not even allow the boy who delivers newspaper in the morning to throw it on thefloor.For the purpose he has tied a basket on our gate and the boy has to place the paper in it.If,by chance,the boy fails to do so he makes it a point to give him a call and remind him where to put the paper,again and again,unless he does the needful.

All said and doneI,I, sometimes,crave for the husband who will misplace his things and run around after me to search for them.But then with my husband it's a dream on my part which will never happen.

But the best part is that my boys are learning from theirfather.The other day my boys were packing their toys and putting them  away in their places in the presence of my father.He was so satisfied that he said to me with a sense of pride,"After all they are Anjan's children..."

Sigh!even my own father....!But then I don't complain as long as they are influenced by their father!

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