|   Nov 13, 2016

My husband's elder brother and his wife decided to adopt a child after being childless for 16 years.My sister in law had three miscarriages after which she could not conceive anymore.She was completely broken,both physically and mentally.Butshe had a loving and caring husband to look after her at that pointof time and it gave her the much needed encouragement to move forward in life.

We never asked them as to why they wanted a child after 16 long years.We felt that it was their life and so they should decide what to do with it.We only supported and respected their decision and encouragedthem to move forward in their life with their new bundle of joy.

So,on a beautiful morning they bought a baby boy home as their son and named him Risabh.They were extremly happy and excited to be able to hold a child in their arms as their own.We all celebrated together the arrival of the child and prayed for his well being.

My sister in law had planned to throw a party on the Annaprashan or rice eating ceremony of the child.But Risabh fell sick just before that and the party was postponed.Then,she decided to celebrate his arrival in their life on his 1st birthday.But,unfortunately,he again fell sick and this time the doctor had some very bad news.Risabh turned out to be a 'differently abled' child.He could not do the usual things that a child of his age did,his head always dropped on one side,his eyes were not stable,he could neither sit nor stand and could not even change sides when he was laid down on the bed.

We were shattered.My sister in law broke down completely.But my brother in law decided not to give up.He pacified his wife and said,"We shall try every possible thing for our child.We would have done so in case of our biological child.So,why not for Risabh?"

They visited all the big cities of India like Bangalore,Chennai,Mumbai and Kolkata in order to give him the best possible treatment from the best of doctors.But things did not work out in their favour.Everywhere the doctors said the same thing and it was that Risabh will never be able to lead a normal life.

They returned to their home town,heart broken but not defeated.My brother in law arranged for him a physiotherapist and began to look after him with lot of care.My sister in law took great care of his food and did everything for him with her own hands.She bathed him,fed him and took him out for walks.Though Risabh could not walk in the beginning,my brother in law used to carry him everywhere in his lap.But as he grew older it became difficult to carry him.So they began to help him to walk.

Their efforts suceeded and now Risabh can walk on his own.My sister in law takes great care of him and so he is  now a very strong and healthy 9 year old boy.He has grown really tall and loves to go out with his parents.He loves them a lot and though he cannot speak,he makes various gestures to express his love for his parents.

In fact,Risabh knows each and every member of his family and claps and takes out various sounds to express his happiness when he meets them.My sister in law  and brothet in law can do anything to provide the best of everything to their son.

Only,my sister in law has one regret and it is that she wanted her son to call her 'Ma'.But Risabh cannot pronounce that.In spite of that pain,they are moving on in life with their son.They are not ready to give up so easily.Risabh is also lucky to have such parents as he is being looked after with so much of love,care and affection by his parents.

The other day,someone said to my brother in law,"I really feel so sorry for you.You could not have your own child and now that you have adopted one,he turned out to be abnormal,"

My brothet in law replied,"Please do not feel sorry for me.I do not mind looking after my child.I would have done the same for my biological child,so why not for Risabh.He has come to stay with us because we wanted him from our heart and he is here to stay.This is the wish of the almighty and I shall do whatever I can for my child as long as I live."

I really salute the spirit of my brother in law and his wife.The amount of love,care,affection and dedication that they have demonstrated for their child is simply amazing.I do not not have words to describe their humanity and I strongly feel that they are real parents in the true sense of the term.

I have not jotted down my thoughts here to promote adoption.Adoption is a personal decision and please no one should feel that I am trying to promote it.I have only dediated this writing to those parents who face all odds to provide the best of everything to their child and who do not give up easily as for them their child is the greatest priority in life.

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