The Plight Of A Child...
|   Sep 24, 2016
The Plight Of A Child...

Two year old Rick hugged his mother,"Mum, I have hurt myself,"and saying this he lifted up his pants to show his bruised knees. Sunita was not interested. She summoned her maid,Mini, looked at Rick and said,"Mini will look after you.I have to go out for some work right now.So be a good boy and go with her."Saying this she picked her bag and literally ran out.

Five year old Rick wanted to go to the nearest park with his mother. Sunita summoned Mini and said to Rick,"Didi will take you out for a walk.I have to go for shopping now.And yes Mini, take this 50 rupees and buy Rick whatever he wants to eat,chips,chocolates whatever."

Ten year old Rick was down with fever. He said to his mum,"Mum,can you prepare for me something tasty.I find everything bitter."Sunita offered him a 500 rupees note and said,"Order whatever you want from outside. I have a very important meeting today."

Fifteen year old Rick said,"Mum,can we celebrate my birthday at home along with my friends? "Sunita offered him 15000 rupees and said,"Go out and celebrate where ever you want along with your friends."

Eighteen year old Rick said,"Mum I want a mobile."Sunita took his son to the shop and bought one for 50,000 rupees. Rick was overjoyed and after a few weeks he got a laptop from his mother.

Sunita noticed that small packets would come in the name of Rick via courier services. BUT SHE WAS TOO BUSY TO KNOW WHAT THOSE PACKETS CONTAINED.

Sunita had a life of her own.She had her own group of friends,kitty parties and shopping.Her banker husband was busy with his job. So,they made it a point to provide Rick with money whenever he asked for it. They never questioned him or wanted to know where he was spending them.They were busy in their own world and Rick was doing his own things.

One night,Rick did not return home.His parents and relatives began to search for him.Suddenly, a friend of his rang up his  parents and said that Rick was seriously injured and lying on a drain.They rushed to the spot,picked him up and found that he was heavily drunk.He was bought home and things began to turn for the worse.Rick would come home drunk and even attend social functions and parties in a drunken state.

But,his parents were not at all bothered.Rick continued to receive money from his parents and lead a life of fun and merriment. For him life was only to be enjoyed.

Some of their friends and well-wishers tried to tell his parents about his reckless lifestyle.But they were not ready to rectify him and even said,"Oh!he is only a kid now.He will change himself when he grows up."

Rick always had a large number of friends with him. He loved party,wine and always made it a point to hang out with his friends in expensive hotels.In the meantime,he got his bike,of course from his parents.His mother felt that she was providing freedom and space to his son,the kind of one which carries no sense of responsibility with it.

In the meantime, Sunita joined politics too and that took away all her attention from her son.She would be busy with meetings and local clubs and return home late at night.Her husband was busy with his office and liked to remain passive in all matters.He just allowed his wife and son to do their own things.Even if he tried to find about the activities of Rick there would be lot of tension in the family.So he preferred to keep his mouth shut for the sake of family peace

Rick loved his carefree life to such an extent that he would not return home even at night.His mother did not have any problem with that.Actually,she wanted to lead her life undisturbed and without any tension.She enjoyed her own freedom to such an extent that she did not mind to sacrifice the life of her only child for that purpose.

Sunita was confident that she was a very good mother.On the other hand, Rick was gradually getting trapped in the murky world of not only alcohol,but also,drugs.Slowly but surely he began to dip himself in the dark world of drugs.It was not difficult for him to purchase drugs because money was never a constraint for him.

Gradually,Rick began to show the ugly side of a drug addict.He began to throw tantrums and became very short-tempered.He would create a nuisance at home and involve in brawls outside his home with his so called friends. Finally, his parents took him to a psychiatrist. He was prescribed medicines and was asked to go through certain blood tests.The blood reports indicated that he was in the grip of drugs.Now,this required a combined team of doctors to treat him.

When I last heard about him,Rick was being treated in a Mental Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre.Doctors have said that he needs help,love,support and sympathy from his family.

But his parents have no idea about all such beautiful feelings. Even now they maintain that,"We always gave him whatever he wanted,costly mobiles, laptops, cars, dresses and lots of money to spend with his friends.Then where have we gone wrong?"

Parenting is not so easy. Rick's life makes me sad, worried and frustrated at the thought of how bad parenting can destroy a life. Rick was a brilliant boy who wanted to be with his parents.But they pushed him into darkness of drugs and alcohol. 

Rick was not a drug addict from his birth. Circumstances forced him to become one.And who is responsible for his deformation? HIS OWN PARENTS!

A humble request to all who read this... PLEASE PRAY FOR RICK. He is only 19 now and I want to see him revive, I want him to come back from the darkness of oblivion, I want him to get back his second life. Please pray for him. It is not impossible but difficult,really very difficult to get back Rick from the dark world of drugs and alcohol. But then we can always try and that is the only option we are left with right now.

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