The safety of a child...
|   Oct 06, 2016
The safety of a child...

Some two months back a shocking incident rocked our hometown. A 7-year-old girl of class 2 was kidnapped by her maid along with her boyfriend with the help of several aids from outside. It was not a case of being kidnapped at gunpoint because the victim was an innocent little girl who had no doubts that she was being pushed into a horrible situation by someone whom she trusted.

Both the parents of the girl are renowned doctors. So, from a tender age, the girl was brought up by maids as both her parents were, obviously working. She understood the fact that when her parents are away at work she will be under the care of her maid.

On the day of the incident, the little girl was taken out of the house by her maid on the pretext of a stroll. The maid had also promised her an ice-cream and CCTV footage of the apartment clearly showed the little girl being led away by her maid without any resistance.

When the girl's mother called up from her hospital and the maid did not answer her calls, the former became suspicious and raised a hue and cry. Police were informed, messages were circulated on social media and after a lot of anguishing moments, the girl was rescued from the clutches of those kidnappers.

On getting back her daughter, the very first thing that the bereaved mother uttered was that ",We made a grave mistake by employing this particular lady without enquiring about her past. We did not even cross check the information that she provided about herself while taking up her job as a caretaker of our daughter in our absence. I regret this decision of ours."

Later it was revealed that they had employed that lady only 15 days back!

Nowadays ,it is very common in every family where both the parents are working. The children are looked after by maids as a majority of the families are nuclear ones too. But then, as parents, we have to become very very careful about the people on whom we leave our children for the whole day. Children are vulnerable. They are too innocent to understand the harsh realities of life. In the absence of their parents, they tend to become emotionally dependent on those who are with them at that point of time.

So, as parents, we should be extremely cautious and ensure from every angle that our children are in safe hands before we rush out to work. I believe that the safety and security of our children should be our major concern.

The case which I have just mentioned is really an eye opener. The girl and her parents were extremely lucky that they had a happy ending. But it may not be the case always. So it is always better to be alert than to repent.According to Police,the most horrible part of the case was that the maid and her aides had planned to hand over the girl to a terrorist group and demand a huge amount for ransom which would be ultimately divided among themselves.

This investigation was enough to make us shiver in horror.As parents we do not compromise about the safety of our children.But then,one wrong decision can bring about a dangerous situation in the life of our child and that should be avoided at any cost.

I do not know any five steps as to how we can enable a seured time for our child when we are away.I also cannot suggest any seven ways as to how we can employ maids who are reliable.I only know that we must be aware of such incidents so that we can decide what is thebest thing that we can do for our child in order to help them enjoy a secured and protected life under the care of their maids when their parents are away at work.

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