Why do we become parents?
|   Feb 04, 2017
Why do we become parents?

Well,this particular question baffled me quite early in my life even though I was only a young girl of 19 at that point of time.I could not relate to the incident and it left me confused and disturbed and perplexed me to such an extent that I felt that the true nature of humans can never be understood.

It so happened that an aunt of mine had given birth to a lovely daughter as her first child.The entire family was very happy and the child was loved a lot by each and every member of the family.But unfortunately,the girl was detected with a problem within three months of her birth.The baby used to pass urine continuously,drop by drop.Her nappies were always wet and she always suffered from rashes.

The parents took her to the best doctors and the child was found to have a problem with her urinary tract.But the problem could not be cured with medicines and an operation was required which could only lessen the problem but would not eradicate it.

My aunt and her husband were shattered.But they decided to do every possible thing for their child.The operation could be done only when she would be 6 years and till then the girl had to be on medicines and the care of her parents.

As my cousin had no control on her urine,she had to put on her diapers 24×7.Her private parts were always wet and this in turn gave rise to smell and rashes.But my aunt did not give up.She did every possible thing to make her child feel better.She took care of her and decided to give her a better life and it meant that her child required her undivided attention.

It was then that the people of her family began to pressurize her to go for a second child.They argued that since her first born was not a normal child she should go for a second baby.

"Who will look after you and my son when you will become old?Your daughter is a defective child.So go for a second baby as soon as possible",said her father in law.

My aunt was shattered.But she was adament not to have any more child.She was taunted and harrased for not being able to give birth to a healthy child.But my uncle stood by her and they refused to go for a second child.

When my cousin turned six years,an operation made her life little better.Though her problem is still there,she has been able to overcome her difficulties with the help of her loving and caring parents.She has been able toscontinue with not only her studies but also dance as well.Now she is an accomplished dancer and all this has been possible because of her parents love and support.

My aunt never regrets the fact that her daughter has a problem.Insted,she has done and still does whatever she can for the betterment of her daughter.Her only concern is to make her child happy and make her life comfortable.

My aunt has proved that we do not become parents only to get someone who can look after us during our old age.Now as a mother,I feel that my aunt symbolises the true spirit of motherhood for whom the happiness and development of her child is her major concern.

In fact,my aunt is very happy to be the mother of a single child whom she has been able to give a better life and her undivided time,attention and love.Now that her daughter has been able to stand on her own feet despite her drawbacks,makes my aunt and her husband satisfied and extremly happy.They know that they have been able to perform their duties as parents to the best of their ability.

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