Why Do You Spend Money On Your Daughter's Education?
|   Mar 05, 2017
Why Do You Spend Money On Your Daughter's Education?

Well,my parents had to face this question almost from everyone,friends,relatives,well wishers as well as neighbours.It was due to the fact that they had decided to send me to a convent,an English Medium school,where during our times,only the affluent people dared to send their children and my family was not very strong financially.But that did not deter my parents and they decided to do the best for me.My parents always said,"The greatest strength that we can give our daughter is education and she will never be deprived from it."

What surprised the people around us most was the fact that my parents had put my younger brother in a vernacular medium school.They were like,"Oh!my God!how could you do that?The boy should be sent to an English Medium school and not the girl."Some of them even suggested that I should be married off as early as possible so that my brother could derive more benefits financially.

But,my parents were adament.My father always said,"My daughter needs better education so that she can become self sufficient in life.I do not want her to depend on others in times of difficulties."

So,due to my broad minded parents I could receive the best gift of my life...education.It was not very easy and my parents as well as my brother made lot of sacrifices so that I could go to the best institution and face the society with courage and determination.

My parents never bothered about the materialistic things of life.Yes,we did not have our own house or car or expensive dresses.But we were very happy and satisfied that in the long run we will be able to establish ourselves in the society.

The unflinching support and sacrifice of my parents has made me a strong,educated and self sufficient lady who can face the world with courage.Yes,I may not have become a doctor or an engineer,but I am a self sufficient lady and it really matters to me.Though I have taken a break from my teaching proffession due to some personal issues,I know I can go back to my job whenever things work out in my favour.

My parents could have easily given my brother more importance than me as it is the norms of the society.But they proved those old system of thoughts totally wrong and gave more priority to their daughter.Of course,my brother was not left out.But then my parents were never in a hurry to marry me off with whomever they met on the way.

I am extremly fortunate and blessed  to have such parents in my life.Their broad values have helped me to settle down in life peacefully with lot of dignity.My mother could have easily spend her money on ornaments or expensive sarees.But she never even thought about them and saved money only for my education.In the process,she never indulged in any sort of luxury.The same applies on my father also.

I just pray and hope that more and more parents think about their daughters like the way my parents did.It really can make a lot of difference in the lives of their daughters.

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