|   Feb 28, 2016

                Being a parent one of the most stressed things about babies is their weight. The new born baby weight depends upon various factors.A full term infant an average weight at birth of 3.3 kg which further reduced to  10% after excess water retention.It has been observed that bottle-fed infants regain the required birth weight sooner than the ones fed by breast milk.It is strictly advisable to keep baby on breast feed at least for six month.

Every baby grows differently  in weight and height .Every baby is unique in their own way some are slimmer,some are fatter,some are taller and some are shorter .In certain case baby may reduce weight due to certain illness which they regain after a while.There is no ideal height and weight for babies, but there is certain growth pattern followed by pediatrician/parents. One should also understand that baby boy and baby girl have separate growth chart. So parents should avoid comparing their babies with those of others.


You cannot decide the health of baby by looking upon their body mass – Slimmer or Fatter. There are many other parameters which indicate health of baby some of them are :

Adequate Diet:It is very much normal if your baby are very much fussy about taking feed,they take feed  in very frequent intervals.Parents should start with steady eating pattern and always avoid strict diet chart.They should more concentrate on nutritional intake rather than focusing on quantity.

Enough Sleep: Sound sleep is indicator of healthy mind and body. Even if your baby is taking short-short nap along with sleep it is  a indication itself.

Proper Bowel movement & Urination :  Keep  a track on baby pee and poop.Urination in span of every 1-3 hours are good sign of baby health.Many babies have bowel movement during and after feed.Constipation is seldom normal in babies.If any abnormality seen in bowel movement  and urination,it is always advisable to consult your doctor.

Active Baby: If your baby is making you run behind him/her that itself indicates his/her well being. Active babies have no prescribed definition but babies those are playful and less messy comes under bracket of “active baby”

Genetic Factors: Baby height and weight are strongly influenced by their parents height and weight.So we should consider this as important factor for tracking baby growth.

Milestone Chart: Always check your baby development through milestone chart. Track your little one first smile, first step, first word and so on, if you are babies on track with milestone. Then you are happy to know your baby is healthy one.

Fast Fact: Expect your baby to double his or her birth weight by about age of  5 months and triple his or her birth weight by about age of 1 year.

When to call doctor: Gaining and losing weight is normal phenomena, but if you notice drastic change. It is always good to consult doctor.

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