|   Jul 15, 2016

The most frequent word I hear from my one year apart from maa-maa & pa-pa is “Park”. Since she was 6 months old going to park with her become daily routine.Initially I started with a thought to spend some quality time away from daily routine. But gradually I noticed my little one is busy in observing kids playing over there. Raising hands ,giggling and pointing her little fingers in park .As days passes when she started crawling , the moment we use to reach park she would be more excited to be on ground. Since our colony park is maintain properly , me & other mommies use to leave the babies on ground they keep crawling and try to hold hands etc. We mommies use to watch them with sparkling eyes.

A year passed, now my baby is toddler most of her co - park mates also started walking .Most of the mom come along with balls for their babies. It’s a play time for the little one’s.Throwing balls, taking away other balls, running & falling become the worth watching moment among all moms. It gives us immense pleasure watching little one playing . Some babies are shy one, but gradually once they become familiar they too the join the little group.

Here are some experience I really want to share with new mom's, how park time contributes to social development of babies.

Bonding with other babies: Frequent visit to park, make the baby more socialized .Playing with fellow babies not only good for baby mental and physical health but it also enhance baby’s social skill. Daily visit to Park, develop a social bonding with fellow babies .They started indulge in group play sometime rejecting or some time accepting each other.

Building Base for communication: At age of one, babies more often use gestures to communicate & bits of words. Park Time – they indulge in exchanging their cute gestures and make faces to communicate with fellow friends. What I noticed with my one year old is she makes gesture to throw ball & uses her hand signals to call fellow mates to play with her.

Familiar with outside environment : Most of the kids are reluctant to familiarize with people apart from parents. Park time play a vital role to work on their reluctance. People in park do approach babies to pamper & if your baby started walking then they themselves drag the attention .They walk around, familiarize with people & kids out there. Some of the babies are over enthusiastic seeing pets in park. They see variant flowers in park. Many other such things which are really mesmerizing for them , as a mom you can make it out in their cute faces.

Mental Wellness : Daily visiting park,not only help babies to realize their own abilities but also help them in minimizing the stress.Happy baby have a sound mental health indeed.

I had really observed changes in behavior pattern in my kid.One hour and so give good quality time to both of us.Now some time my husband accompany us,we too play with her.So mommies don't wait for play school indeed park is unofficial play school for our little one.Though its a time when most of mommies are out for work,but I would strongly recommend to spend a hour with your kid in park,watch them running & playing around you will indeed get refreshed :).

Precaution to be taken in Park :-

*Never ever leave your kids unattended in park.

*Keep a constant eye on your baby moves .There are chances that they might get hurt while playing.

*Observing the activity of babies - Most of babies are fiercely protective of their toys,so they may hurt other babies approaching their toys.

*Finding safe place in park,so that your kid won't hit by balls or other objects.

*Never let your babies to approach any strangers or suspicious person

Good Social Skills are most important factor of healthy body and mind, So mommies take out time for PARK TIME.Do share your valuable suggestion and experience

Image Courtesy : Baby Prisha(First Two Clicks),Baby IRA,Baby Shanaya and Baby Nysha :) Thanks a lot momies for sharing wonderful moment!!!

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