|   Feb 23, 2016

Babies not taking Breast feed....Breast feeding is not possible.Are you starting weaning process for little baby and your elder says add cow's milk to baby diet.....what next? Cow's milk or Formula Feed...Here is some useful tips to decide upon the best for your little baby

Its been very confusing situation when we initiate the weaning process for our little ones.Our elder say we can add cow milk to baby diet while our pediatrician say strict no cow milk till 1 year of age.Also all those mother who's babies are not taking breast feed, what to choose - cow's milk or formula feed.

Here are some points which surely help all moms out there to decide upon :

a) Nutritional value of cow milk (1 cup: 244g) : The cow milk doesn’t contain Vitamin C & Iron .It contains calories 146, Vitamin A 5% & Calcium only 28%. Infant formula milk contains more iron and vitamins than cow's milk, and is the better alternative to breastfeeding for the first year if needed.

b) Digestion : Cow’s milk is also harder on your baby’s kidneys than breastmilk or formula milk and can also lead to milk allergy.Since cow’s milk has high levels of protein, sodium,fat and potassium which is hard for baby to digest.

c) Anaemia : If cow’s milk are substituted with breast milk/Formula feed before your baby turns one will leave your baby short of important nutrients and may lead to anaemia.

So then why our elder say yes to cow’s milk. Since there were scanty availability of formula milk during earlier period people were left only with option of commercial milk powder or cow’s milk. Gradually by word of mouth every chosen cow’s milk over formula milk. Also many of us have misconception about the formula feed that it is artificial milk with no nutrient but the truth is formula feed contain all the right nutrients at right amount required for babies growth and development.

I would highly recommend all the mom out here to go with formula feed over cow milk.If breastfeeding is not possible, infant formulas is best choice to provide a healthy diet for your infant.

So without any second thought go with Dr recommendation of "No cow's milk until 1 yr"

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