The story of my life. Part -2
|   Apr 30, 2017
The story of my life. Part -2

In the meantime ,it happened to be a great idea to use this time ( as career growth seemed to be a long-lost-dream) to have an offspring as the clock was ticking too. After all few years have already been gone in studying those many years and building that career for me.Either one thing has to be done on time it can be career or family.Plus post marriage that's the no.1 question I was getting from everyone..Meanwhile I became a happy proud mother of a lovely angel which took all my attention for the next one and half year. Till that "career" thing bite me again!Infact ,it was never gone . Always there in the back of my mind. Making me feel unaccomplished. It was like something's missing. I was missing my dreams,my goals badly. So I decided to take the plunge,to take stand for myself. Because I was the sailor of my boat, nobodywas going to achieve them for me. Those dreams are mine and I would have to fight for them to get them fulfilled what if the fight had got only harder this time ...

With that tough decision something might get missed for a while but the mother in me knew that her child is in good hands ,even better ones.Mu child is under the care of her grandparents. I have been with her child when she needed me the most and I am always there....But there are some promises left which I had once made to myself and needed to be fulfilled now.

While writing this I am remembering one incidence when I bumped into that close cousin of mine who was no more close. I showed her ample amount of attitude!just to convey that I am having a very happy n fulfilling life. And I am sure she must have got the message too. But deep down was it really so? Was I really happy?Not really .

I was imagining what if I haven't got married and within few years of hardworking had achieved what I always aimed for and then bumped into that same cousin? I would not be a 'complete woman' in her eyes..I might have kept myself away from those scenarios because such people/relatives could not understand my achievements and the hard work that has gone into it. This thought left me wondering -

    • Why we women are so much dependent on others for our happiness?

    • Why being married and having kids at the right age are measures of a woman's success and completeness?

    • Why we keep on looking for approval in case we do something unconventional ?

    • Why our society is not easy on a single,career oriented woman?

    • Why a woman get #judged despite being loaded with that extra baggage of responsibilities which seems way heavier than for the opposite sex?

    Please answer if you have any..

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