|   Feb 28, 2017

When I was single I was so afraid of by just the name of sasural but today I am thankful to my sasural. Yes i agree that I was a free bird before marriage that was lost in her own world, marriage has brought me into a whole new world World that changed me into a better human and I am thankful to this world.

I was a girl who could easily survive on Maggie , pasta,  daal chawal , you helped me develop my culinary skills .I still remember the first day when I cooked in my sasural, all dresses up in sari with bangles in both the hands which were shacking .You made me  somewhat perfect chef

I was a girl who hardly wearied anything except jeans and t-shirt,  you taught me how to drape a perfect sari and carry it elegantly.

I was a girl who never properly celebrated my major festivals you taught me even the smallest of rights and rituals.

I was the one who hated talking to elder member of the family or guests but you taught me the art of listening .Listening to all those topics which are of no interest to me. Listing and enjoying the sweet talks of elders.

I was the one with “WHO CARES” attitude you taught me the importance of relations. How to win hearts and how to avoid comments . You taught me rishtey nibhana. Now I am more attached to all my close relatives .  I have become more concerned not only about my in lawz but also about my parents.

I was the youngest one in my family you taught me how nice it is to become mami chachi bhabhi etc. at How it feels to climb the ladder if relations.

I was the one not very fond of kids .I use to get irritated by looking at mothers handling their kids ,doing nappy changing feeding etc. you brought me the beautiful feeling of motherhood. It is in sasural that I witnessed how it feels to bring a life into this world and nurture it.

I was the one who was only focussed on my carrier and enjoyment with friends you taught me the art of multitasking.

I AM REALLY THANKFULL TO YOU MY SASURAL for the numerous things you taught me .While my MAYKA will always be my first school, which taught me to be a good person ,to excel in education, to be independent ,to be respectful to others and be well mannered ,to be able to handle life on my own. You are my second school who helped me to grow as a person and to make me feel complete.

Thanks to you my SASURAL....



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