Baby's first outing
|   Jun 06, 2016
Baby's first outing

Life just changed after you have a baby.It was my baby's first outing to shopping mall. We had a plan to finish all the household chores on time so we can leave on time.I just came out from shower with towel wrapped on wet hairs.

My mother in law said - Neelam ask the maid if she is coming or not as its already 11.00 am.

I called her and she said" Didi I did not came on work today".

Hurriedly I stepped inside the kitchen and we made all the lunch and breakfast.

By the time my son was awake and we made him ready after massage and Malish.

After getting free from kitchen I just packed his bag with diapers, changing mat , wet tissues and other things. Where earlier I spend time on choosing what to wear now there is no time for my own.

Where Earlier I always take bath just before going to the market and now my washed hairs were wet again with sweat .

Once we are out we eat something there and then come back after spending good time. But today we went to only 2 shops and brought the required stuff.

For me it was a lovely experience to take him out along with nervousness for his comfort .

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