Being mommy- Inventions that mommies need, scientists are you listening?
|   Jul 04, 2016
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Being mommy- Inventions that mommies need, scientists are you listening?

1. Something to capture that new baby fragrance – Oh how I missed this scent now that my son is 2 and due to lack of invention in this area I now have a newborn who emits the fragrance that mommy so missed!

2. A baby mind reader – I so wish I could take a peek into the mind of both my babies to see what they are thinking of all day. When my darling daughter (who is now 2 months old) is staring into infinity or bursts into a chuckle and my son is planning his next naughty move, those innocent smiles gosh how can one tell what’s going on in that head?

3. A baby language translator – The gurgles & coos of a 2 month old and the gibberish of a 2 year old need serious translation. I wish I could blabber back in the same language that they understand. Who can help me crack this code?

4.An energy pill for tired mommies – I wish they had something that would make us work round the clock without tiring out like the Duracell bunny, lasts long really long ting tong

5. A sleep inducing helmet to put the little ones to sleep – I love my babies very much but I love them more when they are asleep. The new mommy-hood phase is the most tasking one when you can’t get an eye shut for a few hours at a stretch.

6. A zip on my fussy toddler’s tummy so I can unzip it and leave food in there – If you thought breastfeeding was hard wait till they become 2! These toddlers have magical powers, they live on plain air. If it’s food it must be thrown, smashed, played with like its clay, chewed and spat but never gulped down.

7. Human cloning – I had this sick in the stomach feeling when I had to leave my baby boy and go back to work post the 3 months of maternity. As I am inching closer to my existing maternity leave getting over I wish we could clone ourselves and send 1 of us to office. Now that I think about it lets make a couple of clones of ourselves! Send 1 for a spa, another 1 for shopping, how about 1 on a holiday too? I know I know I got carried away but one can always use a few extra hands

These are a few basic needs of us mommies will please someone take them seriously?

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