Frozen moments of tranquility
|   Oct 19, 2016
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Frozen moments of tranquility

There are many firsts for a mother! Each experience gives birth to memories of epic significance. And believe me one can’t grade or rank them as for that time and that moment, they are all priceless by their own merit. I have been fortunate to experience many of these never forgetting moments with both my son (he’s 2.5 years old now) and my daughter (she is five months old). But the memory that is the most special and one that I will never forget until the day I die- is the first time I laid eyes on my babies!


During my first delivery I was completely exhausted with 12 hours of labor pain and 20 hours of no food, trying really hard for a normal delivery. As luck would have it, the doctor said we will have to opt for a C-section as there was no progress in dilation. I just shut my eyes tight as the doctor was performing a C-section. I heard the loud sound of a baby crying and the doctor saying, congratulations your baby is here. I open my eyes, I see a tiny and fragile figure in front me. I looked at his angelic face and the baby and I are doing the same thing…crying…one aloud and the other silently!!! It's a moment that's difficult to comprehend or even describe adequately. A surreal everlasting memory in the making… in my arms, was everything that I needed to heal the pain - then and always. I looked at my husband who was in the operation theatre with me and we were completely soaking up the moment…to be cherished forever.


A baby was born..  parents were also born along with the baby.


With my second one, a baby girl; it was a planned C-section and my husband wasn’t allowed in the operation theatre like the last time. Everything was a blur once I was taken to the OT and the doctors were doing what was expected of them. Eventually they announced to me about the birth of my mini – me…my daughter. How I longed for a little girl…a princess as a sibling for my prince charming. One look at her and the blur made way for amazing clarity…another memory in the making…alas, this one was not to be shared with my loving husband. I knew in that moment that she totally owned me for life.


If there is a dull moment ever (and I have to say there hasn’t been any apart from the time one of them is sick) I think of these times and it brings back a big smile on my face.

There are great memories you can create everyday with you baby. Watch the video in the link to discover how.

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