My childhood resume
|   Apr 13, 2017
My childhood resume

It’s that time of the year again! Time for summer camps and we parents are spoilt for choice. Should I choose a dance camp, a science camp or what have you?  Believe it or not I have been looking for a summer camp for my almost 3 year old son! Yeah I know how that sounds, I just want him to get out of the house and see other kids :) Whatever your reason for choosing a summer camp (and I hope it’s not so you can sing praises “look my daughter/son is in so and so camp” to your friends/family) be sure to leave some room for your child to get bored. That’s when they have time to think and get creative.

I went to a boarding school so summer vacations to me were just the right amount of time you spend with family at home. Summer camps were not as rampant and rarely heard of. So with all the free time in hand my younger sister and I did the following, which I like to call my childhood resume.

  1. Project Operation where we would play doctors and operate on the plants in our house by clipping their old leafs and cleaning up the pot. We would even give them a little pep talk like don't worry it may hurt a little but you'll be as good as new.
  2. How to earn pocket money I washed cups and saucers to earn pocket money so I could spend it when I returned to school.
  3. A dash of Entertainment We recorded audio cassettes by singing songs and doing a parody of the 80’s radio show “Hawa Mahal”
  4. Socializing Of course we played house and invited our friends and neighbors over for a tea party. We would get creative and cut bread in round shapes using the tiny vessels we had and make sandwiches for our guests. We competed on who made the best snacks.
  5. Serious Business Our neighbors kids and we sisters had an epiphany and decided we should start a business together. We made a detergent (using a concoction of other detergents) and diluted it by adding water so we could make a larger quantity of the concentrated version and sell it door to door. Wow what a Genius idea! :)

While I am only looking for a 2 hour camp for my son for a few weeks until we visit my in-laws in Udupi (a small and quite town in Karnataka) I have plans for what he should have on his childhood resume. Our home in Udupi is surrounded with Mango trees so I’d definitely want him to:-

  1. Climb a tree when he is a little older and eat fresh Mangoes of it.
  2. Make paper boats so he can play with it in a puddle when it rains.
  3. Run on the beach, chase the waves and soak up the sun.
  4. Go on cycling trips
  5. Get creative and engage in free play with his little sister. Maybe invite us to their tea party :)

There are a lot of things that money can buy but the experiences which you cherish most are priceless :) So think out of the box and look at exploring alternatives to a structured summer camp. I wish you all a happy summer!

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