Please dont be my mom again...
|   Jan 28, 2016
Please dont be my mom again...

Mothers are irreplaceable however there are some, the kids wish they never had. This is a monologue by all those children who, in one way or another have agonized.

To the mom who abandoned me as an infant - My eyes, they search for your face in the crowd. I always have this hope inside me that one day I will find you. I don’t know how I'll react, if I'll ask you the reason you left me or just be ecstatic you did not shatter my hopes and finally came back. I will be a good daughter/son to you and I promise I will never trouble you, won’t you please come back?

To the mom who said don’t tell anyone, what will people say – When I was sexually abused at the age of 5-6 years by that evil uncle and I came running to you i just wanted to plunge back into your womb so I would be protected and no one would ever be able to lay their hands on me again! I trembled with fear as I told you what happened. You asked me if I had discussed this with anyone? I said no and cried.. You calmed me down, hugged me and told me that uncle is the elder one in the family and what would people say if we accused him. You said baby don’t tell anyone and just leave the house when he comes to visit again. Why didn’t you stand up for me? Why didn’t you protect me? Why mom why?

To the mom who stood helplessly and played along When I was going to be put in your tummy I was scared.. I wondered what it will be like when I will take birth but God put my fears to rest and said I will have my own angel (you mommy) who will take care of me and be there for me every step of the way. I was happy and excited to meet you but when they found out I was a baby girl and decided you should get me aborted you gave in. You didn’t fight for me, you let me die.

To the mom who I took care of – You decided to bring me into this world when you were incapable of taking care of yourself. You were an addict and probably got pregnant by accident. You did drugs while I was in your tummy making me an addict even before I was born. At the age of 6 I cleaned after you when you passed out. There were times you have put yourself in danger and other times when you put my life on the line not knowing what you did in a drunken rage. I am still picking up the pieces of my life after you are gone because of the drug overdose.


Mommies having us kids is not a right, it’s a privilege. You are the special one, the chosen one, don’t abuse this privilege. Think hard before you decide to bring a life into this world.

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