Winter is coming..
|   Jan 25, 2017
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Winter is coming..

Having a baby in the new millennium can be a good thing vis-à-vis all the technology, products and ready to refer Internet tools for answers to all matters when calling a pediatrician for something might seem petty/trivial. Having said that, I still bank on the wisdom passed down from generations that exists in the vaults of the minds of our mothers and grandmothers.


Winters are not the same all over India and skin care for babies can vary from region to region. I am a Punjabi married to a South Indian and this is what I learnt from the collective wealth of experience from two mothers from varying backgrounds and cultures. Baby skin is delicate and the cold and dry air of winters can be bad for the little tots. The first order of the day for winter skin care after the baby wakes up and is done with the feeding and playtime is during the bath time. The morning ritual I follow is to moisturize the baby with a good massage. Whilst my mother would use mustard oil and my mother-in-law would use coconut oil for obvious topographical reasons, I alternate between use Johnson’s baby oil and mustard oil for my little one. A 15-20 minute massage needs to be followed by the oiled skin to be exposed to the morning sun for some vitamin-D nourishment that will also allow the oil to penetrate into the skin and keep it smooth and supple.

More often than not, kids pick up cold with the change in weather.  The kids tend to have stuffy nose with irritable skin in the nasal area.  I try and open up the nasal blockage with a nice bath. I add a few drops of nilgiri oil to a tub of warm water that is hot enough to help take the oils out but not scald the skin. After the bath, I dab the skin dry and then use the new range of J&J moisturizing lotion for the entire body. I apply generous portion to the nasal area should the baby have a cold. In case of chapped/cracked lips, I use lip care gel every 2-3 hours. I make sure the baby drinks lukewarm water for skin hydration at regular intervals throughout the day.


Clothing the baby is also an essential part of the baby’s skin care regimen. I avoid too much bundling of the baby to avoid sweating that can sometimes irritate the baby. Sometimes a couple of layers of thin clothing is much better than very heavy and thick sweaters. As is the basic norm, the clothes are kept clean and disinfected to keep skin problems at bay. I use detergents like Farlin especially made for baby clothes so there is no harsh chemical residual coming in contact with their skin.


These are some tips and tricks from me, hope you find them helpful.

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