Can you decide you want a son?
|   Feb 02, 2017
Can you decide you want a son?

I am writing this article with a deep pain in my heart, which I felt after listening to a few stories about female foeticide. No, these stories were not from uneducated or poor families. I heard of them about families who are financially stable and are well mannered in the society. 

They concieve their first child and leave it on God as to whether it is a boy or a girl. And then since they are not uneducated, they plan only two kids for themselves. So, now if the first child was a girl, the second has to be  boy. And then comes the incidences of conception, gender test and abortion if it is a girl. Really!! You are deciding your destiny? You are fighting with God, that you give me a son else I will keep killing my female fetuses? What kind of decision is this? Medical science made advancements for this??

They say, they did not want to listen taunts from their in-laws or they wanted someone to take their name forward in this society, to take care of them in old age ....and.... blah blah... Listening to all this, it hurts me deeply.

I know people who are desperate for a child, who are not able to concieve for months and even for years, who pray to God for a child, who spend a fortune on infertility treatments and suffer tremendous amount of pain. And then there are these people who concieve easily and have the guts to go to the doctor and say "Kill this thing, I don't want a girl". 

They rather should have had the guts to stand up to their in-laws and tell them that they are okay with not having a boy. They could have had the guts to tell the society that if my name is so important in this society, my daughter will take it forward. They could have made their daughters so independent that she knew that getting married is not the most important thing in this world, that we will not pay any dowry for our daughter to get her married. They could have empowered their daughters so much that she could take care of her old parents even after her marriage. They could have had guts.......

I am totally against this gender discrimination which can lead people to kill a beautiful, delicate life which God had sent in this world. I hope some day this will end. Some day daughters will take the stand, some day daughters will be given the right to not only live, but to flourish and bloom in this world 'coz they are beautiful flowers who only spread the fragrance of their love in who ever's life they come. 

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