The League of the overambitious mother.
|   Mar 16, 2017
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The League of the overambitious mother.

        " Look at preeti !! she has scored so well in exam. You only know how to play and waste time." I heard my neighbor shout at her ten year old son. My neighbor's son ashish is a very well behaved and demure little boy very respectful towards his elders , a quality which is very rare amongst today's generation. He is very bright in studies and is always among the top five students in his class. He is very good in cricket and is an excellent orator. But even after having so many qualities , he is still not good enough for her competitive mother as he has scored less then a fellow student. 

          The other day I congratulated a friend on her daughter winning a painting competition in her school. As I looked at the beautiful painting the little girl had drawn, and appreciated the bold strokes of colour the little girl had used which was commendable at her tender age. But her mother was not too pleased , she exclaimed in a condescending manner " it's not a big deal . It was only a school competition . I don't think she would have won in inter school ". My heart went out to the little girl as I saw her crestfallen face. All her excitement and joy evaporated in a second. 

         I have seen so many mothers whose children are never good enough in anything for them. There is always something that they are lacking in, be it sports, or academics or something else. They will keep on pushing their children to excel in everything, keep on pushing them, blind to the fact that in the bargain they are destroying their childhood, bruising their self esteem and scarring them for life. I don't understand who are we competing with, and what is it that we want to achieve in life and is it worth at the cost of our childs  physical and mental well being. Why do we burden our child with the load of our own ambitions and expectations? Is it fair on a little child to expect something which is beyond his capacity and capabilities?What if the child is not good in studies , can't we revel in the fact that he is such a good sportsman. What if she is not good in sports, be proud she writes so beautifully. It's not wise to always yearn for something which is not beyond our reach and even criminal to sacrifice our child's happiness for the sake of our aspirations.

         As I saw my neighbour taking her son for his evening tutions , I glanced at my little girl playing in the mud , oblivious to everything in the world . Blissfully unaware to all the pressures and expectations she was going to face growing up , I promised myself " You my little girl will never carry the burden of someone else's dreams , you will only follow your dreams and passions even if it's of chasing rainbows and butterflies".# release the pressure#

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