Journey with not so extrovert kids
|   Feb 06, 2017
Journey with not so extrovert kids

There she is calling “mumma” and crying hysterically ,my 1.5 year daughter who refuses to go with anyone. I have always had a hard time with kids when they were too small to understand and cling to me all the time. With both my daughters its been difficult journey until they were 2.5 and started the preschool. There were times when i can’t leave them for a second also nor do they like any new faces talking to them. Carrying them ( particularly younger one) everywhere where I use to go and they wont leave you and even refuses to walk on their own.

There have been few instant where my daughter ( younger one) cried so hard because i didnt carry her , and even today few people remember her for that and ask me if she is ok and does she cry now also.

I really feel like when we say that teach kids this or that but there are few qualities which are inborn and cannot be moulded as per our wish. With both my daughters , we have face the same issue of not talking in front of others or strangers or in a way introvert. They don’t mingle easily with everyone and wherever we go its like “ oh , she doesn’t talk only....why she is so quiet” this is what we hear from everyone. And then we have to explain that they are different at home which is actually true. At home they are constantly talking and playing but when they go out they are different person. We have tried to make them understand that they should talk or greet when they go out but in no vain its always the same.

Though me and my husband are also not very extrovert but I really wonder sometimes how is it possible that both kids having same problem of being introvert. But anyway we as parent will always be on their side and encourage them to be more better person.

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