Are you making the right choices for your kids?
|   Feb 16, 2016
Are you making the right choices for your kids?

It was his Birthday, yes, he turned four. Like any other parent, I thought, he is big enough to join some extra-curricular activity.” It’s better to start early, its parent duty to make child future ready, it’s a competitive world.Etc.etc.“All these thoughts started making me anxious. We as a parents love their kids most and our biggest worry is whether they are hitting the age appropriate targets or not.

To overcome that anxiety I inquired about a free-style dance class. The class happens 2 days a week. It was after his school at same premises as part of his Day-care Schedule. No transport hassle, no pickup, no drop issues, all things were in my favor. So finally I put him in a dance class.

 I thought he likes music and it will be fun for him to shake his legs on loud music. Most importantly he will have fun with his friends.Also my sister wedding was around the corner. Thinking that he will be hero in “Sangeet function”, if he will learn some dance. With all those thoughts in my mind, I was very happy and relaxed that I enrolled him for dance class and chose right for him. Did I?

He liked it for few days, thinking it as some party.And I was also happy that he is enjoying it.But things were not that simple. He started showing dis-interest in going to school itself. Then slowly I realize it’s on those two days of week when he has to go to Dance class. I checked with his dance teacher she said, it happens with kids, it’s a phase don’t worry, he will be fine. I again got relaxed and continued his dance classes. But things got worse, he started crying for small things started behaving differently and one day he simply refused to go to school…so finally I had to discontinuehis dance class.

I am again on same road where I was on 2 months back, what next? And this time I have to be careful while choosing the activity for him. I became extra vigilant and started observing his daily routine more closely. In an evening while playing in play area, one kid came and complained” Aunty he is taking my skates.“He was actually trying to skates while looking at other kids skating. He did the same for few days. As a conscious mother, he should not get hurt as he did not know how to skates, I decided to hirea skate coach for him. I met a professional skate coach and few more mommies who were also interested to put their kids in Skates. Coach gave us a list of few things which are required for kids like Skates, Helmet, protective gear etc.

Now I was in trouble, his Dad was on US travel and going for shopping with my son was difficult. I did not want him to miss any classes too. There come online shopping, it is easy and handy. I ordered stuff as suggested by Coach JonexSkates, helmet Jonex protective gear from Amazon.

I was little worried since I ordered it on Thursday, and his classes was starting from Saturday, will they be able make it? I got a big smile as it got delivered on Friday evening, Thank you Amazon! huhh!  Relaxed?

Being a mother, I have no right to get relaxed, now I am anxious about his first class “will he like it? Will he like the coach; will he find it interesting enough?” it should not end like dance class blah blah…

Next day, we both were excited for skate class, since class was on weekend, I could accompany him. We reached to skate court, and all the kids with moms were there. Class started with introduction and warm up session. Kids amaze you many times, and it was one such instance, he did very nice on first class. The same happened for few more classes. He was enjoying skates, but my last failure from dance class was not letting be to be happy.

It was Friday night, suddenly at 2:00 AM he started vomiting and got little fever too, I think it was some food poising. Next day @ 8:00 am was his skate class. I got up at 6:00 AM, checked whether he have fever or not. Fever was not there, still I was little nervous to send him for skate class.Then I thought let me check …I asked him to “its morning, do you want to get up?”he said “I want to sleep some more mumma, I am tired”. I again asked him “Beta today you have skates class, do you want to go?” He immediately opened his eyes like a shining star and replied “Yes mumma! I should not miss my skate class.” Those were the words I wanted to hear, music to my soul. Being so tired, he still wants to do skate. Yes! I chose right this time.

Every parent wants to give best to their child, but does child want to take it???Be little extra cautious, observe them,and talk to them. Letting kid follow his passion is important but helping kid discover his passion is far more important. Please give some weightage to this thought while choosing for your kids.

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