'He' is culprit for "Her" damage?
|   Mar 07, 2016
'He' is culprit for "Her" damage?

She opened the lock and entered the house. After coming from office she had a cup of tea with her husband .Her 5 year son was busy playing with his toys. After giving some instructions to him, got busy with house hold work and dinner preparation. She was chopping the Onion, and with teary eye she had a look at the clock, it is 7.30 PM, oh! I have to rush; it’s just half an hour, she murmured and increases the speed of her hand who was still chopping the Onion, somehow she manage to finish cooking dinner by 8 PM .she was excited to for her favorite TV show @ 8.00 PM.

At 8 PM she just switched on the TV and show started. Her husband came in and asked for TV remote saying today is “India’s final cricket match”. She resisted and said, I am watching my favorite show, Can’t give it right now. He mentioned no no..it’s very important match and he need to watch it . She became frustrated but in the interest of peace and harmony of house, she gave up and handed over the remote to her husband. Later she got busy with her son.

Next day morning after all morning rush, she reached office and checked her calendar and notices have a meeting @3 PM. she prepared a lot for meeting. In meeting there was discussion about new project and she got stuck in an argument with a male colleague. Even though she was right, he was not ready to give up. Meeting got over with little bit at odd notes. She came back to her desk and started blaming her colleague and making him culprit for all that happened in meeting. The whole thing was making her disturbed. But was he really culprit??

‘She’ is nothing but India women here, India women lives in state of confusion. She lives two different lives, one at home where she is a traditional wife who cooks meal for her husband 3 times a day and try to be in sync with him, an obedient daughter –in-law who takes care of family tradition in the same way as it is done from ages and a perfect mother, who sacrifices her all the needs for family’s sake, and the other one where “women in her wants to find one space for herself”.

So Man in society grows up seeing women “giving up”. They say their mother/grandmother giving up and it became part of their DNA.so when in office she tried to prove her point; it was difficult for him to accept that. So we can’t just blame him for his behavior.

It’s just not about a TV remote or an argument in meeting, since women is becoming more and more ambitious professionally, her needs are changing  .Be self-aware of your need and do not feel guilty about asking for them.  

“Women in Me” wants to be free from this confusion and start living a more happy and prosperous life. Women in Me want to create such a next generation of boys who just not claim but understand women. Women in Me want to create a next generation of gals, who understands her potential and exploit it fully.

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