She is selfish...She seeks her own happiness
|   Apr 25, 2017
She is selfish...She seeks her own happiness

Palak had tried to conceive for 8 years. She had tried everything but nothing worked for her. Finally, couple adopted a 2 days old baby. Everyone in the family was happy. Their joy knew no bounds.After four months of adoption I heard a relative saying " Palak doesn't care for her child, may be because he is adopted". I was really shocked because I know Palak personally and she loves kids and was really desperate for baby. I asked the relatives what wrong had Palak done. Their reply saddened me further. " She went on a day's outing to a resort leaving her child with mother in law" . " she still dresses up so well. How is it possible with a child." " she is continuing her job." The list went on...Their reasons for labelling her as bad mom were all so weird and I decided to give them a piece of my mind. In my full agitated voice I told them that she can keep others happy only if she is happy herself. Please get certain things clear :

If I dress up well doesn't mean I am negligent towards my other responsibilities.

I don't wear a mangalsutra but I love my husband no less.

Not wearing a sindoor doesn't mean i am characterless.

Working wives can be equally good housewives.

My wearing jeans doesn't make me a bad daughter in law.

Giving my happiness a priority doesn't make me selfish.

And yes we women have a life beyond our children. Treat us as human beings.

Those relatives just smirked and blamed it all on " kalyug".

Dear ladies, get up take all your responsibilities with you, but don't forget you have a life too. Don't be afraid of what others will say because " kuchh to log kahenge, logo ka kaam hai kehna." ;)

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