Mummy, its Yummy!- (secretly)healthy recipes!
|   Apr 26, 2017
Mummy, its Yummy!- (secretly)healthy recipes!

Hello mommies,

Almost every mummy come across the problem of the kids and their over choosy  foods!  The list of disliking is always bigger than likings. Here I tried to solve your problem by giving some magic recipes /ideas for your kids. These recipes are well nutritious and kids won't get clue about the ingredients.

1. Colour magic: 

Colours always attract the kids.  Here the first techniques with the colouring twist.

Multi Colour parathas

To make the paratha attractive and even nutritious fill your kids tiffin box with colourful parathas.

  1. Add beetroot juice at the time of making a dough. Crush the peeled beetroot and squeeze out the juice. Make sure it don't have any beetroot particles. Use it in making pink paratha.
  2. Wash and dry spinach and coriander in 1:2 to proportion crush them together and make green paratha remember to add a little bit chat masala amchoor powder into it. If your kid likes, add some mint leaves as well.
  3. Boil tomatoes and peel it off. Make a fine paste and strain it, add some chat masala,sugar and salt. Make a red paratha. you also can add tomato catchup for colour. If your kid likes garlic, add one Clove of Garlic while making paste.
  4. Similarly you can add turmeric powder and make yellow paratha.
Sometimes it's good to make a trio paratha which means make 3 different colours paratha, each cut into 3 Triangles and then joint three different colours Triangle together with the help of water if needed.

Multicolor salad

Add variety of colours while making salad bell peppers, corn, red cabbage etc you can add to the colourful salad.


Daliya is one of the magical ingredient. You can stuff the Daliya into small balls of Mash potatoes ,mashed carrot and the combination of potato and the favourite vegetable of your kid.  Add cheese into Daliya mixture so that you may confuse your kid. 

You can also make Daliya Khichdi with various vegetables added into it with lemon


You simply can put variety of vegetable dices, cheese cubes, paneer cubes and sprinkle salt papers.  Presentation and colour combination will attract kiddos.

Colourful chillas

It's kind of small uttapam you can take Suji or uttapam mix,  to make small chillers and use colourful vegetables on it.


Tikkies can be of many variety. You can add mix dal with potato and vegetable stock to make tikki,  mix vegetable mash with potato, poha and potato tikki etc. Just add chat masala, lemon, salt, chheze and finely chopped coriander. Shallow fried tikkies can be serve with brown bread or just like that.  You can add variety in shape of tikki

2. Shapes

If your kid is 3 + then you can add the shape factor in his or her tiffinbox. Try to make the chillas in cat or dog shape by simply putting eyes and nose with the help of carrot or something.  Try to cut chillas or above mentioned colourful parathas into variety of shapes like geometric or heart or even moulded shapes you can make.

3. Soups ( for home)

You can add some hidden ingredient in a soup. Here are some examples. you can add pumpkin puree in tomato soup, finely chopped Dill leaves in Chinese soup, spinach and beet soup with finely chopped vegetables that are favourite of your kid. 

Vegetable stock is also a healthy option. you can add stock to make a chapati dough boiled rice it will add value to yourfood.d

4. Cheezy

Majority of the kids love cheese. you can add different types of cheese suitable to the recipe and make it easy for the kids traditional recipes also can be modified with the cheese. (Cheeze and paneer are good source of calcium and protein, so don't afraid)

For instance you can make Daliya bake dish add Daliya into mixed vegetables and white sauce and bake it with Mozzarella cheese on it. 

Cheese vegetable balls mens you simply mash vegetables, add breadcrumbs make balls with the cheese filled inside it.

5. Raplicas Replicas means make the recipes that look like a junk food you can make pizza with the help of Bhakhri, and top it with variety of vegetables and lots of cheese paneer.

You can make a burger with wheat bread mix veg tikki and salad.

You can make tiny samosas/ kachories with wheat flour instead of all purpose flour and use mix veg along with potatos in feeling.

For french fries you can make sweet potato, raw banana and potato fries.

As like fried corn, you can make tiny pieces of hard vegetables like carrot. Coat it with salt pepper and lemon. Deep fry it and Sprinkle little big cheeze is over it.

6. Deeps and chutneys

Develop the habit to have Deep or chutney with snacks. You can make your chutney healthy by using sesame paste, tomato puree,  Dill leaves spring onion leaves etc.( you can add crushed dry nuts paste as well)

To make your deep healthy, use hung curd as a base. 


It's difficult to include beverages into kids daily snacks time. Start from fruit shakes and fruit juices first and then gradually switch over to fruit and vegetable mix juice. Drinking soup in the colder days is a healthy way to input mix vegetables. To attract kids towards fruit juices and vegetable juices, first you need to identify the taste of your junior. Make combination accordingly and then present it in such a beautiful way that they hardly deny.

Some combinations are Apple, pineapple and pumpkin juice with lemon squeezed into it.

Banana smoothie with yoghurt.

Pomegranate strawberry and beetroot juice.

Apple strawberry and little bit of bottle gourd juice.

Make such combinations.

 8. Desert

Ice creams are one of the favourite items of kids. You can simply make healthy ice cream along with fruits and nuts in it. Here are some options.

Take hung curd, beat a little bit add powder of dry fruits and  tiny pieces of fruits  or puree of fruits( if your kid is not a fruit lover), add honey as a sweetener and in a tight container freeze it until it get a texture of ice cream. Make sure it don't get too hard.

Boil milk, add little bit of condensed milk or custard powder, add powder of dry fruit or  tiny pieces if your kid eats it,  add pinch of cardamom powder and in airtight container freeze it until it get a texture of ice cream.  No need to add sweetner as have already added conventional for custard powder and if required add Honey into it.

Similarly you can make fresh fruits candies in a mould.

These are the ways to include fruits and nuts to your kids meal, but be aware that your kid don't get cough and cold due to sweets and cold things. As an option you can make Malpua with fresh fruit chutney and similar hot deserts.

I hope you try this snack hacks to your kids and get success. Remember one thing that kids always get attracted to new and well presented recipes and the plus point to the mummy is that kids don't aware of the ingredients upto certain extent. so with very smart techniques they can use the nutritive elements to their food.

Looking forward for your reviews to the blog and experience of the recipes. Suggestions and comments are welcomed. :)

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