Women's Day?
|   Mar 09, 2017
Women's Day?

Just yesterday we have celebrated International Women's Day. Whole day there were many messages on social media, many events were held through many organisation, many awards were given to the women achievers, large media coverage and so forth. In short yesterday was a Women's Day for many ladies.I am using the word many because, if we talk about India, there is majority of the women who has no concern about Women's Day. It is a naked truth that we have to walk so long to achieve respect for women countrywide. The thought came in my mind to write Or rather start my blog is what I heard from my maid.

It all started when she arrived late few days back with no justification. I was counting minutes for Her arrival and when she came I was little angry and shouted for reason. She stood up dumb stuck which made me Furious. But I had no time to waste in arguments with her. The condition of mine was even worst when I saw her doing household task so slowly with no interest in it. I shouted on her and finally got a very slow voiced answer that she was having severe stomach ache. I caled down a little bit and asked the reason, the shocking reply I got was," Didi its paining since long and I went through many medicines an injection as well, yesterday I had something like x ray test(Sonography) and doctor said operation will be needed." I curiously ask what doctor actually diagnosed? Surprisingly she said, "we all don't know what it is and doctor just said it is swelling inside my stomach" I asked," what's next?" she said," let's see what happens my papa will decide something." The talk ended there, as I was getting late.

Few days letter again she came with a very small face, really miserable! I asked even if is paining today? She said," I can't even sit"

I told her to give the reports and files to my husband who is a pharma rsearcher and told her to come up with her parents. Almost a week has passed and no reports and no parents was there with me.

One Sunday I asked looking at her paining condition that is everything ok with her, and shocking answer I heard from her," didi my father clearly told me that the medicines and treatments are so expensive plusd doctor told to have rest, these things are very much costly for me and I neither want to stop your income nor want to spend such a big amount after you and Didi he is doubting that i might be pregnant. Where i am not, i swear. So i have stop complaining at home about it."

I was so shocked and felt bad for her. I gave her a strip of anti swelling medicines and some pain killers. When discussed this with my husband, he very practically said, "This is nothing, you just go and see yourself the condition of women or a girl in such a community, it will/can be even worst"

I know actually this is not a big deal if we compare this with domestic violence, rape and so forth. But there are few questions that made me think.

when his father is ready to send his 17 years old daughter to work and get a good amount from her then why can't he take care of her?

Why her mother is tolerating this to her daughter?

Why she cant demand the treatment when she is self sufficient economically?

why she is not that much educated that she don't know Her basic rights and knowledge about women protection?

and most importantly why I can't do anything for her and how long it will take to celebrate the Women's Day in actual sense?

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