'Dear Woman, you are a cove of rare strength!'
|   Mar 07, 2017
'Dear Woman, you are a cove of rare strength!'

‘Dear Woman, you are a cove of rare strength!’

I was out on a morning walk with my husband. While I was all ears to the twittering of the birds on the trees, my husband’s attention was now and again being diverted by the tweeting of his phone. “Oh dear, I have just now received a message that today I am expected to deliver a speech on Women’s Day at my office. Can you help me with this?” He asked. “Tell the men in your office that they should start leaving early to get back home not to recline on a couch rather to provide a helping hand to their wives. Ask them to take a resolution this women’s day that they should not just wish their women on women’s day but they should be thankful to them each day.” I had not yet completed when he blurted, “I got it! But I would have to address a gathering having a preponderance of women. You are so good in expressing. Can you not help me in devising a few lines that could raise their spirits on this special occasion?” Now I took a deep breath as I knew I would speak at great length. “Dear husband, in that case, tell women in your office that your wife has asked you to convey this message that no woman should ever long for appreciation, encouragement or support from any one on this earth because each women in herself is a rare cove of strength, grit and determination along with unfathomable love, compassion and dedication for the family and the society as well. Also convey them that each woman is the most unique, beautiful, brave and outstanding woman and except themselves they should never expect anybody else to tell them.” Hearing this, my husband gave me a wistful look and then we parted. On our daily morning walk he takes a longer course while I take a shorter one as I have to get back early to pack lunch for all of us, prepare tea and also I have to wake up my son, feed him, bathe him, dress him up and after lodging him into his school bus, I myself have to get ready to leave for office. Like every woman what a superwoman I am!!

After this conversation I wanted to pen down some of my feelings. For all the work we do and contributions we make, we sometimes want to hear appreciation. Certainly appreciation helps in raising our spirits. But unfortunately there are many people around us who would be finding faults with everything we do. Such people would intentionally mock, ridicule, insult or neglect you in their typical ways. Pity those who do so. Their conduct is a display of their upbringing and fostering not yours. Had they wriggled their brains more than their tongues they would have been better persons contributing in better ways for the society. And also never stop to stoop to their level. Your conscience would be rattled for a while then. Your time is very precious. Just be focused on your responsibilities and dreams. And you should never let anything come between you and your dreams. There are people who would want you to be always riveted to your failures. Break these fetters and dare to fly again. There is probability of your falling down but how can this certainty be declined that the one who tries, flies. So without expecting appreciation be open to disparagement which you would certainly encounter at every stage. Today as a woman I don’t need anything from anyone to please me. I cultivate my own soul in ways that fills me with great sense of achievement, happiness and satisfaction. My failures too give me a sense of achievement, at least for gaining one experience. A woman in herself is the source of all the inspiration and bliss of the family. Even if you are not told, you should know that every family member resorts to you for everything. A woman is an institution in herself. Even the premier management schools cannot teach the incredulous management skills of a woman. Only a woman knows how she manages pain of delivering a life, feeding a family, managing time and resources, education and upbringing of her children without a word of appreciation except on special occasions like Mother’s Day or Women’s Day. I don’t need a Women’s day. I salute myself and I salute ‘woman’ each day!!

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