The session that made a difference!!
|   May 18, 2017
The session that made a difference!!

I recently attended a session #BestForBaby conducted by Johnson's Baby India. It was a happy-happy session. Other mommies like myself sharing their stories; having some fun together; and learning something new.

I call mommies like myself "The Google Mommies". We hear a new word in the world of child care, we start googling it immediately and after finding satisfying answers, that word goes into our "Baby Care Digest". In this information age, when a brand comes to us, it definitely has to do a lot of homework. Good words or phrases don't catch our attention, but facts do. And this session definitely did.

The facts presented by the team of Johnson's were believable and convincing. Yes, there was a lot of negativity around the brand in the recent past. The team did well to break through that wall of negativity and create a positive environment. It was a refreshing change to hear something good about something. Of course, the brand will not talk repugnant stuff about itself. However, they didn't even praise themselves. They merely presented the facts and let us make the decision for ourselves. Of course I am not that naive not to understand the marketing tactics; I still stand by the positivity of the whole session.

Open your Facebook, WhatsApp these days and you will be depressed by the negativity. Don't eat this, don't use that, the list just doesn't end. It is good to hear something nice for a change. I have used the brand quite extensively in spite of all the cases against it. My son never had any problem with the products so I never felt the need to change. 

The fun part of the session was it involved lot of do-it-yourself activities. A stimulating change from the routine of the day-to-day activities. Lot of mommies got together and shared their stories. It was good to know that I am not the only crazy mom around. It is essential for the mommies to have their me-time too. It gives a moment to step back and see the way our lives have changed - whether it was according to our plan or we just went with the flow.

Heartfelt thanks to Johnsons' and mycity4kids for bringing this opportunity to me..!! :)

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