Where are the kids????
|   Jul 02, 2017
Where are the kids????

" Move fast, else we might still be in the queue and the show would start!" Be very attentive inside as we have to work on your solar system summer project. I will ask you questions once we come out." I kept the car keys in my bad as I spoke to my 6 year old son and headed towards the ticket counter. My sons school ensures the kids learn something during summers hence the summer project. This time the topic was Solar System. So after reading books an surfing the net we decided to visit the Birla Planetarium to watch a show on the planets. I was already late for the show. The empty ticket counter gave me peace as I checked ny watch. 5 minutes left for the show. With my bag in one hand, 2 kids running behind me and a husband ensuring we reach their on time, we entered the planetarium. We were sadly shocked to see noone except us and 2 other families in the sky drive. 

It was still vacation time for kids and on top of it , it was a sunday. I wondered where the kids are!!!

After the show we decided to chit chat at the cafetaria and came to know that the empty shows were a routine affair. This further dissappointed us. 

Ironically as we were moving towards our home, we happened to stop in front of a multiplex due to red light. From my car I spotted a queue. Few were with kids. It was a counter for booking movie tickets. Now I knew where the kids were!

Note- I am not against kids watching movie. Was just a little disappointed to know that we are somehow not utilizing such useful and economical modes of learning and fun!

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