|   Jun 23, 2017

One term several explanations. Women Liberalization. The changing face of Indian women, the empowerment of women, the freedom of urban women all said and done. Said and done. Full stop.The reality is as real as their state-the average Indian women is still in the grasp of dominance from her male counterparts in the form of every male relationship who visualizes himself as her master.Why?Caste-ism routes from profession, similar is the case with women who are treated as a utensil lying in the kitchen who can be used as and when it is required and discarded or kept aside when not required.A man decides how a woman should dress, a man decides her pattern of behavior, whom she must like and dislike, who all should be her friends.She is tortured in the form of snatching away her freedom of speech; asked to keep shut about her problems, her freedom to choose religion; in almost every inter caste marriage the woman is asked to adopt the mans religion, she is taught to absorb every problem she faces and is told that she is the one who has to ability to bear. Isn't this practice and not ability?The weaker sex is lectured by one and all to bear and overcome all the fights by keeping shut, probably this is why the average lifespan of a woman is lesser.Where does this weakness of this sex go when a man hits her? Domestic violence is a form of male dominance which cannot be curbed completely. After being wounded at night the woman hides her wound from her in laws. WHY? Ins't the man the son first whose mother has imbibed ethics in him? the brother who is taught from childhood to protect a woman, what makes this protector become the destroyer? The inability of the bearer to bear the males dominance, the inability of the woman to keep her gab under control and the easiest way possible is to hit her so much that she is half dead physically and half dead with the pain of having an animal as her husband.The increasing rape cases prove that the woman is an object which is born for a man, to bring him up, cook for him, clean for him,marry him, give birth to a child, give him various pleasures of life. Hence her refusal is not accepted by the man even if it is from a helper or a stranger.The question that arises is how will this change. Probably when the men are punished with the same brutality they exhibited. Until then there is a deep sigh...Alas!

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