“O yes! I did not feed my child for the last 10 days” – I wanted to scream
|   Apr 26, 2016
“O yes! I did not feed my child for the last 10 days” – I wanted to scream

            Did you just read the title more than twice to be sure that I said I made my child starve for 10 days? You read that right. But it is not what I actually did. It is just what I wish to say when people are weird questions to me because my kid is thin.

To just give you a background, my kid is just an average weight kid, looks thin .On the day she was born , she weight exactly 2.5 kgs ,when I asked my gynecologist replied “average mother, average daughter” .She asked me not to worry about her weight too much ever as long as she is active and healthy. I wanted to be double sure, I asked by kid’s pediatrician and he said the same thing, she is an average weighing kid .She is active and just fine. Stop being paranoid. I was a little relieved but right from the beginning , all of us – My mother, my MIL, my hubby , my sis, my SIL, and me – our mission has been to make her eat.Yep , she has been a fussy eater and we have done all sorts of things just to make her eat. Just some of the adventures for feelers

1)      When she was around 1 year and we were kinda starting off with full on solid food , we had the toughest time – she would outright deny to even open her mouth ,we used to create new games each day to completely distract her to make her open her mouth

2)      As she grew older, she was all the more mobile, and just a wink and she is gone. Just the name “food”, she will vanish. Then we would play games like hide and seek, find the person –eat a mouth full scheme.

3)      Role plays help at times. – the rabbit and the tortoise , one mouthful for the one who wins the race – we ensure she wins every time irrespective of whether she was the rabbit or the tortoise or even a snail . Yeah you know what I mean

4)      Juices, fruits, cereals – We try all that we can to make sure we give her what she likes – may be that would motivate her to eat being the sole intention

These are just few samples of what it is every meal. So why is it that I say I haven’t fed my kid for ten days –are you pondering?

Now listen to this

--> I met this uncle from the neighbourhood after like a year ,and I have my little one holding my hands , staring at him like he is from another world      and even before “How are you beta” , He goes – “O so cute, is that your kid , nice ,but she is too thin, Don’t you feed her properly?” …… Grrrrrrrrrr

--> There is this distant relative of mine who met me at a wedding, “Archanaa, O you have grown up so much, do you recognize me, I am your father’s      uncle’s blah blah blah ….. Nice, you have a kid now, resembles her father, does she? But does she not eat properly, first take her to the doctor          and     ask him to give some food supplements? Listen to me...I have brought up three children – healthy and plump” ……. Sigh

--> And this maid’s relative – yeah the one that works in my house, my maid’s relative had come along with her one day, post finishing her work, they       were heading to their native place, she was off the next two days(yeah you know ) . So this lady with the big bindi , typically from a small town I      am     guessing – with her heavy Tamil slang, “What Madam, do you not give proper food to your kid – leave her in my house for a week – she       will     become like a pumpkin” ….. What ….

And I hear all this and more. Yes, I know they are all concerned in some way. But I have been on the receiving end every other time after I put in so much effort for each meal sometimes succeeding, sometimes failing terribly and I really feel like screaming on top of my head to all these people “O yes! I did not feed my child for the last 10 days, now what” ….. Ahhh … Feels better.


P: S. this is just venting out my frustration. I genuinely care about my child’s diet and put in all my might to do all that is possible to just make her eat. So beyond a point, it is better to leave parenting to parents and just say “hi little one, you look so cute” and leave it at that.  Yeah … one of those high mood swing days I guess :)


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