Life is a see-saw game - make your child understand! 
|   Dec 09, 2016
Life is a see-saw game - make your child understand! 

Life has never been easy on us and we try our best to face it and most of us fail t make our kids understand how tough it can be. Where ever required it's important for us to teach our kids ups and downs of life in a way they understand. Here is a small poem that talks about life being a see-saw game. 

Life is a vicious circle,

That man strives hard to handle..

Up he goes , feels joyous and proud..

Suddenly falls from the peak and bangs on the ground!!

The see saw game is a crafty one to play..

Right attitude helps you face "COME WHAT MAY".. The ups they call it success..

Its gives an enthralling happiness..

Excitement , joy all at once..

A tricky word with the power of enabling pretense..

It turns you snobby...

It pushes you into the hall of fame..

It triggers you to want more, makes you greedy..

And all the while you never realize its just a see-saw game.!! The downs are the failures..

A strong word that makes you weak and senseless..

Hard to face, Too powerful to fight against..

Some call it destiny..some call it fate..

Pain , agony and distress,

Loneliness and distortion is all that it causes..

Anything and everything you tend to blame.,,

And all the while you never realize its just a see-saw game!!! The ups and the downs are tricky and sloppy...

So its upto you to handle them by being a little witty ..

Facing success with Humility ..

Helps you celebrate it gently..

Take success to your heart not your mind.,

And this would eliminate the superior feel that comes entwined..! Take failures with an open mind.,

The lessons hidden are valuable but hard to find..

Self confidence helps face failure,

Makes you mature, calm and better...

Mind accepts failures better than the heart..

As it is less emotive more persuasive...acts quite smart..!! Treating success and failure the same way is a rarity

The see-saw never comes to the same level,does it??

Thats the game's beauty..!!!

Do give this a thought..!!

Play the see-saw game smart.. !!!

What matters is the choice between the mind and the heart.,

Choose the right one for the up and the down

And the game becomes easy.. and you never get bogged down..!!

Play on.. Move on!!!!

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