Men don't deserve you , but do what you believe in #wonderwoman review
|   Jun 07, 2017
Men don't deserve you , but do what you believe in #wonderwoman review

It's one of the best super hero movies I have seen ever , for one , a woman is portrayed as a super hero and more importantly it emphasizes on the very basis of existence of humanity - LOVE.

The movie ,from my standpoint ,conveyed a wonderful message and I would plunge into that in just sometime.

The movie opens with a cute little girl always excited to learn something new , who goes against her mom's instructions to learn to fight , is every small girl out there, it's you , it's me it's all of us behaving exactly the same way with our moms and it definitely connects with you as a daughter and a mom

When time comes for Diana ( the little girl) to stand up , rise and save the world ,atleast attempt to , she doesn't hesitate a bit and becomes ready to set sail with an above average stranger man ( the first of its kind that she meets , yeah she had never met men before ),  it gets stupendous and brings you to the corner of your seats .

The transformation from an innocent girl to a mature super hero is the highlight. Its very crisply portrayed how she assumed everything at face value and believed that one bad guy spoiled humanity and if she could kill that guy , she would end all miseries . The truth was far apart only for her to realise there are two sides to each person and it's a choice we make that decides what we become and it's not a single guy contaminating everyone as she had once assumed.

It's typical of her  mom who warns her telling men did not deserve her and yet at the end she was taught she had to do what she believed in and this is lesson for all of us , all wonder women out there . 

May be the men don't deserve us. 

May be it's too much to expect . 

May be, they just don't understand

May be, it's not worth it 

May be ,you are not appreciated

May be , you are taken for granted

May be, they just can't respect you 

Inspite of all of it and much more ,

Wonder woman , you must just do what you believe in ! 

And stand for Love , as love is what prevails over evils 

Stand up woman , for what you are and what you truly believe in 

Spread love ! Spread love!

This is wonder woman for you , something you can't afford to miss. Take your kid's along and your hubby too , it's just worth every penny. And a fact that would excite you is Gal gadott  has done a stunning performance complimenting the story and screenplay , and moreso a few reshoots were done when she was 5 months pregnant . Yep , you read it right.

P.S :  The one thing I did not like is wonder woman did not wear pants, if super man and batman can be covered fully and still be a hero , skin need not have been a selling point , just my opinion - she looked stunning though 


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