|   Aug 29, 2016
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1. Myth- Normal delivery is easy and recovery is a cake walk and C section is an option to escape from labour pain.
Truth- Normal delivery has its own advantages and disadvantages and nothing is a cake walk as far as bringing a new life to the world is concerned. Episiotomy (tear during normal delivery) also takes time to heal and is fussy and painful. C-Section is not a choice but a mandate in many cases and it’s a struggle for the mother to even breastfeed the baby after C-section. If labour is painful for few hours, C-section can be painful for a few months till it completely heals and back pain can be a complaint for a long time later as well. 
2. Myth- Feeding the baby at night is the easiest way to put them to sleep.
Truth- Though this is partly true, we should slowly discontinue this habit when teeth start growing because this can cause tooth decay of the milk teeth. Using Bottles at night also should be avoided as it may cause Baby Bottle Tooth Decay.
3. Myth- Sleepless nights for mothers are just for a few months and then the baby gets a perfect sleep routine.
Truth- Though true with a very few kids, kids don’t get a proper sleep routine until they are 5 and we need to try planning their routine and see what works to ensure that they get adequate sleep – 8–10 hours a day for a toddler. 
 4. Myth- Google has all answers to baby’s health Google.
Truth- shows what you want to hear and see, it is always better to trust your paediatrician’s qualification and experience than Google’s search results.
5. Myth- You are not supposed to exercise and exert yourself when pregnant.
Truth- Maternity exercises are extremely important and it is good to resort to good antenatal maternity classes. This sometimes helps a long way in normal delivery.
6. Myth- Keep eating and eat more when pregnant.
Truth- What we need to concentrate on is the nutrition and not the quantity of food intake. Plenty of water, fruits, vegetables and nuts and more frequent and smaller quantity meals will seal the deal.
7. Myth- If your baby doesn’t meet all required milestones, it is a serious problem.
Truth- Stop listening to those neighbours, and trust your doctor – not all kids meet all milestones bang on. Some might walk a little late, some might talk a little late ,just take it easy they will catch up soon
8. Myth- Skinny babies are malnourished and chubby ones are healthy.
Truth- This is an absurd myth. Skinny active babies are way healthier than the chubby kids around. Appearances are indeed deceptive. Just make sure your kid is active - skinny or chubby really doesn't count.
9. Myth-  You should follow all advice of experienced mothers because they know it all
Truth- To each their own – each child is unique and every parent’s experience in bringing up their kid is different from the other. So don’t panic or give in to all advices and suggestions from other mothers around. Be wise on what to take and what not to.
10. Myth- Motherhood is the most wonderful thing in the world.
Truth- Motherhood is the most tiring, shameless, exhausting, energy and time sucking experience – nevertheless it is the most wonderful thing in the world
Happy Parenting! 
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